Tuesday July 29th

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tried my hand at blanching corn today.

I only tried one cob as I had heard mixed opinions of blanching it and the taste/texture afterwards when re-cooking, so hopefully my guinea pig Gerry will let me know once I re-thaw and cook. Also, plugged in my small freezer again. Our fridge has a smaller freezer than the old one, so I was finding myself limiting myself to what I could bake and freeze extra of or pick up for specials.

The kitchen renos are coming along good too. Gerry has worked so hard to do it all on his own- including unhooking and re-hooking up the dishwasher and the sink.There is still more work to do though. Knobs to be added to the doors, a back splash and odds and still looking messy.

We are off to Montana this weekend and taking the RV down to Alberta to make a trade for another bigger one- we are doing an even trade at a dealership so quite happy no other money out of pocket. Except we're not sure yet on the taxes. We had hoped to take Jakey for a dental cleaning on the way back from the trip, but the vet is full so we'll have to make another trip the following weekend. The new RV is 36' I believe, compared to ours we have now at 30' so much more space. But also harder to get a spot for parking, and currently we aren't pulling a small car with it. We'll have to see how it goes. Gerry said the gas will be no different though- so that is a relief. 

We're to have a sunny and hot day today, and Jakey is off to have his hair cut in an hour, so must run. Lunch and get ready. Have a great day everyone!


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