Trip To Montana Was a "Bust"- At Least For Now

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our trip to Montana was short lived. At least this time. It wasn't a good day yesterday for sure.

We had left here at 2 pm in the RV .
Got a window chip while on highway and noticed that we actually had another in another corner. No glass protection.

It was very hot out and we were about half way to Prince Albert, Sk., when I told Gerry to turn on the air conditioner. Only to discover we had no a/c. The vent air was too warm as well. There was little relief and even Jakey was very warm too. He didn't want to drink any water either. He tends to get like that when we travel. You have to coax him to drink.

It took us 5 hours to get to Prince Albert- usually 4 hours or less with the truck.By that time, we noticed the fridge temperature was not as cool as it should be also. The generator was kicking off and on, my lap top battery died, and we had only hot air in the RV. I had a good cry and Gerry said we should just go back home. It felt like everything was going wrong, so he turned back and we came home. Add to that another $175 of gas into the RV- which also hurts too when your thrifty.

We never got in till 2 am and Gerry drove most of the way in fog ,( I don't drive the 31' rig) . A truck driver in front of us at one point was on the complete opposite side of the road a few times, down the middle line, etc.. I really didn't even want to get near him, but Gerry was able to pass him at one point. I couldn't look! It was like the Grim Reaper was driving that rig!

We spent the morning today unloading the RV of everything, and putting it all in the car port. Gerry fixed my computer issue with a new adapter he bought today. Recharged the a/c and figured out the issue with the fridge. Thought it was a 3 way fridge and was only a 2 way. We still have it for sale though.
Gerry still wants a bigger one and one with slides. Said he wants to have something that he can work on paying while he is still working, and do more travelling with it when he retires.

If we don't sell this one soon, we'll more than likely try to take it somewhere to trade up. Something newer and this time Gerry said he'll be checking it out. Unlike what we did with this one, and just jumped into buying the first one we saw.


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