The Cost of a "Fill" with the Rv

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Well, Gerry got the rv filled- 180 litres/45 gallons= $245 ! First fill for the trip. 

Spent some time packing up the rv tonight, but will do the rest tomorrow morning while Gerry is at work. Has the afternoon off so will be taking off once we get the last minutes all done. And of course you always feel like your leaving something behind. We have Ria picking up mail and keeping an eye on things while we're away so that's nice.And of course- gotta remember those passports.

I've got a plan with plan and a turbo stick for internet, where there is cell service. Have to check in at one of the Walmarts once we hit the US to see about a Verizon one as well. So hopefully it will be easy to locate.

Our trip will have us  heading to Glacier National Park in Montana- but will have to head all the way down Saskatchewan and then across, to get there. Lots of flooding right now in Saskatchewan -but most of it is on the right hand side of the province and we will be more on the far left hand side travelling.

We had done some pre-figuring for costs for this trip.
A flight from Saskatoon- Montana to the area we were heading to would have costed $1,066 return for each of us! Plus we'd have a car rental on that, a one week fee for keeping the truck at the airport and one week for Jakey at the kennels, so already, a bit of an expense.( Although with the cost of the air as it is, we just wouldn't have gone there. Way too much per person).

It will be quite different for both of us- and for Jakey as well- so will see how it goes. We'll either love it or hate it! 


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