Arrived - Montana

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Since we'll be heading out soon for the day, I did want to share a few photos of our trip so far ,since the other day when I posted. But since we are on Wi-Fi service coming from the Comfort Inn,( staying in their RV Park nearby) and leaving soon, it will be a short post. Hoping to drive an hour and a half now into Havre, to see if the Walmart has a turbo stick, for Wi Fi, on pay as you go minutes. Heard about it, but aren't sure. Also have to pick up a few food things.

Expenses Update:

August 2 -Gas- Uggh- $285
August 2- Supper at A&W- with Erika and Jon-(on us)-$30.50
August 3- Shelby Campground- with clean hot showers! -$32.10

Enjoy the pictures, till later:

                                     (Selfie at Drumheller)

                                              Horseshoe Canyon, Drumheller, Alberta

                                                US border Crossing- Coutts, Montana  
                                              ***Same photo created by my daughter Ria!

                                                  RV Park- Shelby, Montana

                                                      Horses on hill near campground


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