Back Home But Oh So Much To Do

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Got home yesterday everyone, so even though today's my birthday, will be another day... just so much to do. 

Wasn't able to do alot of blogging while I was gone, due to the fact that the park has no cell service in most parts. So will try to get caught up with that, but I really did miss having my regular Internet service while I was away. It's also handy when your travelling to look things up: camp sites,distances, things to do in area, etc..

First thing I noticed when I got home  though was that the raspberries really came out. So, I was quick to get those picked this morning before they start dropping off the trees.

Got them all cleaned up and frozen , till I can decide what I want to bake with them. Personally, I don't' eat them but they do grow wild in a few spots in the yard, and nice to use them for something.

Looks like we also have a buyer for our skidoo. We'll be getting less than what we really wanted for it, but have been trying to sell it for a while, and at this point just want to get rid of it. He'll be coming next week- Tuesday. Sold for $4,000.


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