On The Road Again

Saturday, August 2, 2014

We got a late start leaving home yesterday. I was suppose to have the rest of the packing done in the RV before Gerry got home at noon, but wanted to run to Walmart and grab the sales before we left home for the week, wash my floors and a number of other last minute to do's. As well we were having internet issues at home, and I was trying to get caught up on emails and posts I had to do, but just wasn't making a connection as well as I wanted.

In Canada, and being on the road now, to Montana, I had picked up a Bell turbo stick for the lap top. Typing on the lap top while in an RV on bumpy roads is kinda like writing when the car is moving too...there's mistakes! Costs me $10 a month minimum and then whatever usage I have, but very nice to have. Of course, it does only work while we're travelling in Canada.Hoping to pick up something in the US at Walmart when we get that way. Still in Saskatchewan though and heading into Alberta soon. Will stop and see Erika and Jon for lunch. 

                  Gerry walking Jakey in Kindersley...foggy this morning
                        Were on the road 7-8 hours  yesterday.


Poor Jakey  has gotten a number of bug bites already from going out last night with Gerry on pee breaks. The mosquitoes were quite bad last night. He also seems to be having some issues with his mouth licking and licking so not sure what is bothering him there. He has a dental cleaning in 2 weeks in Prince Albert, Sask.

Our expenses since leaving home:

July 31- Gas up at home -$160
August 1- $18.32 propane
August 1-$230 gas
August 1- take out- $14.65
August 1- camping- FREE- stayed in Walmart parking lot (along with many others I might add)
August 2- this morning- Car Wash for RV's and big rigs- ( Gerry said he had to wash it off - since the bugs on the windows were terrible)- $15.59

                               Saskatchewan's boring farm roads- LOL


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