Sunday, August 10th

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wow- where is the time going? August 10th already. Already seems like it's cooling down here. Temps drop quite a bit at night and air cooler. The raspberries have come out though in full force for the year, and was able to pick another bowl full from our 2 smaller bushes we have in the yard. gave that bowl to Ria today when she dropped over.

Gerry went with the quad today blueberry picking . Nice to have all those berries frozen so when I do come across some recipes I can just pull them from the freezer. 

Been baking alot though - made some Pudding Cookies today- simple recipe but rich with a cup of butter in them. Made a white chipit macadamia nut.

Yesterday we made some money- sold some beer glasses I had won, for $10 and also a utility trailer for $150. We have a local Buy and Sell on Facebook so nice to sell things on there but not everything always sells...harder to sell clothes and books. Alot of those things end up going to the second hand store. Have a couple of boxes to possibly take there tomorrow. With Ria moving down to Honduras again in 2 weeks, she has been adding to the boxes as well, her things that she hasn't been able to sell online.

What Gerry thought were mice in this hole in the corner that he since covered in, was actually a bee nest in the insulation in the skirting, under the trailer. Sure don't want bees or wasps around! He's since gotten rid of it.


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