Wednesday August 27th

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gerry has a hair cut appt today and I have a dentist appt- one of my fillings came completely out of one side of my molar the other day- so it's like the one tooth is almost two teeth. Very lucky to be able to get in today, and it hasn't been bothering me. We are also lucky to have full coverage for me to get it fixed.

The weather is so nice today- a high of 24 degrees for today. Nice to see the clear sky and feel the sun.Jakey always lies on the back deck when it's warm and sunny back there. He's like me and always cold.

Gerry and I have been talking more about him and retiring early so we are trying to do what we can to make that process go faster and cut the time down to hopefully 2 years left. making extra payments now on our mortgage, his truck, and our RV we just bought, ( but have yet to pick up in the city).. next week.

All along we do manage on one income, although I will occasionally get some advertising dollars on the site and the odd freelance writing job.

We as well still put aside money every payday into our Tangerine account through ING Direct. Saving a bit here and there  for trips, emergency funds/renos, Christmas, and the mortgage/truck payments to pay extra.
We think we're doing pretty good ...and hope to escape our long cold winters sooner than later. 


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