Sunday August 17

Sunday, August 17, 2014

This past Thursday left for Prince Albert- 4 hour drive and took Jakey in for a much needed dental cleaning. He stayed in the kennels over night and we picked him up next morning. Although his dental work was only an hour and half, he did have to get put out, so we "ran" to Saskatoon while he was at the vet's ( an hour away), and did a bit of bargain shopping as well as looking at rv's- since we're trying to trade off ours or sell and buy another. With a cleaning and one molar having to be pulled it was $320. Cheaper than our vet charges here, by half, and cheaper than in most cities I called about to inquire. Most vets wanted a consult as well done, or xrays, plus dental cleanings and extractions were also near double of what we paid. 



  1. Just a note of caution, beware when not using your regular vet, there is one out where we live right outside the city who charges a bot less but a few of our friends dogs have died there when they should not have, also some are not as gentle as they should be and my friend is a vet asst who said she worked for a few and doing surgeries they don't care and cut crooked and knick things like other organs, so just a word of caution , after owning dogs for years I just assumed they all cared but it sounds like regular doctors, always some bad ones :)

  2. We had a chance to meet with the staff though.. and everything seemed well. He had a dental cleaning though. And yes, you can be right I am sure.. but we felt like Jakey was in good hands actually :)


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