Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: Green Virgin Products' Soap Nuts Liquid

We wash at least one load of clothes daily. Jakey's blankets are changed on  Saturday and  bedding is changed on Sunday. I think everyone can agree, there is always laundry to do.

I was asked to review Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts Liquid. Green Virgin Products is starting their own movement to convert more consumers to using Soap Nuts Liquid Detergent as a way to make a positive impact on the planet.

In the past I have reviewed the actual soap nuts so this was a bit different to actually use the super concentrated liquid.  The liquid has a nice smell to it I found, is non toxic, chemical free and hypoallergenic. Bonus: it actually cleans as good as any other laundry detergent I use , but I did find it had a very refreshing clean, like outdoor freshness to the clothes after they came out of the wash. 

In addition to the non-toxic, safe attributes of this product, it also has a negative carbon footprint.  This is one environmentally responsible product that actually works.  Just one 8 oz. bottle of Green Virgin Products’ Soap Nuts Liquid does 120 loads of laundry. 

So was I impressed? You bet, and I'd recommend to give it a try.

Green Virgin Products is dedicated to selling only completely non-toxic and eco-friendly products.  Based in Tampa, FL, Green Virgin Products are currently available online.  For more information and special offers, go to and become a fan on Facebook at

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