Sunday August 24

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The bran muffins are in the oven and I'm heating up the trailer in any way possible.I even left the dryer door open after the laundry was done- just not nice enough to hang clothes out today. A great day to bake- a high of only 13 today, but I really hate when the sun starts leaving us. Even put the electric blanket on the bed last night on low. Gerry doesn't turn it on most of the winter but I cannot get to sleep in a cold bed, so the electric blanket helps me fall asleep. Slippers I wear year round, as I always have cold feet because of Raynauds.

Ria's 29th birthday on Tuesday so we'll be have her over for cake and a gift opening that day.. be just the 3 of us.She's leaving to go back to Honduras on the 29th. We'll be keeping her couch and TV here,( which Gerry likes for the spare room) and her car is staying plus some boxes of scrapbooks and other personals.She will be joining her fiance there. She has given up her apt so not sure what her plans will be come next May when she usually comes here to runt he petting zoo. Her car is actually staying in our back yard in the rock garden for storage. Last year it was parked in the back but now that we use that spot for the RV, and have our two vehicles in the front yard, that won't work. We will also be picking up our newer RV we got, within the next week. Can't wait to get rid of the one we have now. It's caused us so much grief. We are trading it in cause we can't sell it- losing money too on that deal, but need to get rid of it. We tried for months to sell it at a greatly reduced price. We'll be trading it for a 2004 National Sea breeze 34'- 4 feet bigger than the Brave we have. Hoping to get a trip out of this new one as well in September. I'd love to go somewhere warmer with it  but Gerry doesn't have enough holidays left this year for us to get away for too long, so we're thinking of going over to Washington to the Olympic Park and area.. so will see what happens. Had been dealing with the BBB on our other RV we still have- since we got a lemon, but didn't have a good outcome. So today I have to fill out some papers with the Consumer Protection Bureau. After talking with the guy on the phone, it did sound more promising with him saying that even though the dealer sold it as a consignment unit, he still has some obligations to us that it is in good working order.I will keep you all updated to let you know what happens with that.

Gerry has 4 years left for retirement I believe or 3 1/2 but just hate the long winters here. This past winter was very long and dragged into our Spring.The geese we already have been seeing are flying south. I need to fly south I think. Going to try to read more on retirement though and saving money, maybe start a home business and just try to make this all happen a bit faster. We do currently make extra payments however on our mortgage and truck payment. My car has been paid off for a few years.

Gerry wanted to trade off the truck and down size this past week, but the dealer really was not being fair about the trade, and we really stood in no way to benefit with their foolish offer, so he's keeping the truck. Told him he'll have to drive it till it dies.

But it looks like lunch time here and I don't want to get winded, so until next post...


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