Update Of Our Trip To Montana's Glacier National Park

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Won't be a long post- just wanted to update on our trip to Montana.

- was hard to keep up with regular posts- although I started out well. Very limited as was told  no cell service in Glacier National Park.East to West the park is about a 90 minute drive. The West side is definitely the nicer side, and more fuller of trees and dense. The East side was beautiful with it's more Switzerland type look and the Continental Divide.  
                                East Glacier National Park

                             Camping in field- by ourselves :) Other campers in distance.

                             Jakey and I loved the fields of buffalo, cows and horses we came across.

                                    East Glacier National Park

- we had RV problems too with the air conditioning so that made me cranky, especially when it was so hot, plus it left us with not being able to leave Jakey at all in the RV and really go see anything. 
-Gerry did all the driving. We had RV issues such as the brakes as well- things just got too hot with the RV and it didn't have the power for the mountains. We are possibly looking at getting something bigger and with more power. We did do a few nights free camping, ( where we just parked in a parking lot or along the road with other truckers, but that tens to be loud). One place there were kids purposely setting off fireworks near us and other campers in a parking lot, and honking their horns, which made us leave- especially twice in one night and as late as 2:30 in the morning!

-We think it would have worked better to:
#1 have a working well RV, #2 bigger RV,#3 pulling a small car to get us around while we were there- as alot of places are just to small to accommodate a big RV, and #4 been able to leave Jakey at times at a day kennel so we could do a few things.
It was a bit tough, and alot of driving too. Did the trip in 6 days- think Gerry said 1400 miles one way.
We did find though that with all the expenses figured out and comparisons, we still did save about $1300 in the long run, over doing the same trip, flying there, renting a car, etc..
Lessons learned.
Currently our RV is up for sale.
Still was nice to see what we did, but had a long drive to get there.


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