Day 3 on the Road- Shelby, Montana

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Up yesterday at 7 am and on road till about 10 pm- was  alot of driving.... course not all day driving- we did stop to eat  a few times and a stop at Walmart but still a long day "on the road".
Did the border crossing for the Canada/US border. Not sure why though that customs always needs to make you feel like a criminal. So many questions and then if it's not to their liking, more questions. It's like there IS a right and a wrong answer. Grrrrr.

Stopped here overnight in Shelby, Montana at the Shelby RV Park and Resort- have been here before. Saw a guy drop his dog off in the park area here and let it poop near one of the cabins, leave the poop there but cleaning his dog's butt off with paper towel before it got into his truck. Like really buddy?? Very disrespectful of the other people camping here! And he didn't even seem to be camping here!
                                                                Our RV and site

                          Comfort Inn just down the hill from us- where we check in for site

Ran out of water last night in the holding tanks. Guess when we picked up this RV they never filled tanks full enough. Most sites have water turned off but Gerry found a running line up by the bathhouse so will head up that way soon and fill, so we can do dishes in sink, use the toilets in here, and have water for a shower if we wish. Had to shower up at the bathhouse today- and yes, since others use these - we make sure to wear our flip flops- but I do prefer my own shower in the RV! Once I get water back in here again will be back to my own bathroom.


                                                           Shower in Bath house- 


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