Our 2 Weeks Desert Living

Friday, November 27, 2015

Well, it's been about 2 weeks that we've been desert living, but about 3 weeks gone from home.

It's hard not feeling homesick but it is nice not having to deal with the colder temperatures and snow.


Guess you can't have everything.

It was a long drive here, and weather has had it's ups and downs- anywhere from 16 degree highs to 28 degrees. The temperature also drops quite a bit by 5:30 when the sun goes down behind the mountains. And since we're out in the desert, it gets quite dark- no street lights out here!

We're about 5 minutes into the town of Quartzsite but no Walmarts here! Small town shopping. 

We go into Ehrenberg- about 20 minutes out to get mail we have set up, and if we want to go to Walmart, we go the opposite direction into Parker, which is about 30-35 minutes out. Blythe, Arizona is about 5 minutes from Ehrenberg and we go there for groceries.. but definitely Walmart is cheaper.

Things we like about being here:
- warmer temps and no snow! Although Christmas will be very different with no snow.
- Jakey and us as well can get out for more walks and just enjoy more of the outside
- we'll have to explore more of the area at some point but have been busy just with day to day living. I do have some plans to travel in the area. And there is a big craft show in town this weekend so going to go check that out

Things that have been an inconvenience:
-not having a bath- no tub in this RV- although we are at some point wanting to buy one and get a bigger shower for it.
- not being able to use water freely. The water tanks in this are only so big so you run out of water fast.. and as well that goes for your dirty water from dishes, hand washing, toilet flushing, etc..

Because of this we have had to unhook everything, take down the add a room, etc., and head down the road to drain tanks and get water.. a real pain!!! Have had to do this every 2-3 days.. too much work, so Gerry has gone into town to buy water tank, pump and waste tank so all he will need to do is pump both at our location here and dump or fill down the road and we can have more unlimited water without all the inconvenience. Only bad thing about this is its costed $470 to get these tanks and pump. Grrrr... more money! Gerry said it will be a one time buy though, and make things more easier on him and us not having to move the RV so many times. So we have to bite the bullet on this one.
-Internet- costs me about twice as much as back home. I have to buy Verizon time cards for my Jet Pack. But if I want to blog, I need internet and there is no free Wi-Fi out here! 
- the fridge and freezer are alot smaller in the RV so that mans more trips out for groceries.
- also miss having my washing machine and dryer! wow you dont realize how much you miss these things till you have to do things the harder way. The harder way is either washing clothes in a bucket and hanging out, or running into town and sitting at the laundry mat- blah! 
-the exchange on the dollar is currently .36 per dollar of ours- so we're really taking a hit.

But other than that- for now, that's it for complaints! LOL


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