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Friday, November 20, 2015

Enjoying warmer weather here in Quartz site- today being 25-26 degrees and sunny.

Heard our Canadian dollar dropped more today. Not good.

We debated over getting satellite while here. Mainly our last RV had a satellite dish but this one didn't. They said at the dealer we couldn't remove it cause it would damage the roof. So we had to leave it.( Although satellite dealer here said it sits on a plate so that wouldn't happen - so feeling a bit cheated from the dealer !)  But being used to tv back home, and following our favorite shows, we wanted tv. So we bought a portable dish and stand for about $400 but they suck! You have to get the satellite just right and move it around outside and set up every time you were to move. It took Gerry one time hours to get a signal. So we said no more! We took it back to the dealer and getting a dish installed Monday. And yes, it IS expensive- it was $2,033 USD. But we had to think of how more convenient it will be to have- all set up on the top and never having to go outside and worry about finding signals, etc.. It's a long term investment for us. A big expense for sure and one we struggled with deciding if it was right or wrong. In the end, we decided it would be worth having.

Gerry just got his vacation pay payout from work. Also last cheque too before his first  retirement cheque December 1st.

Found ourselves beauty salon too in town- so off for hair cuts and such tomorrow.

Been doing some cleaning in here, and tried baking today with the propane oven- made some banana chocolate chip muffins that turned out great. 

So looks like I'll be selling the toaster oven I have now and using this oven all the time. Last RV had a convection oven/ microwave combo. Did not like it at all and way too complicated.

But off for another night/ day. Enjoy the photos!



  1. Hello Monique, just want to let you know that satellite dish's are something I do know about and your first dealer is correct, they are built in and you would have to take things apart, they usually come with the RV as does a gas stove. The satellite if your gone for long periods of time is a must :) Rainy nights, and to feel like home.Have a great trip!

  2. It was built in but the satellite guy said it's an easy uninstall. Just a matter of removing the dish- all the wires stay.


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