We've Arrived! Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We arrived in Quartzsite, Arizona 2 days ago, and have been busy ever since. 
It was a long 7-8 days of driving and camping , driving and camping. I've been blogging, cleaning, setting up "house" and Gerry has been doing his own thing. It is a different type of lifestyle though, and one where you realize at home you have your laundry there for you, and your mail, and your fresh water, etc. Out here, that's all different. Your water tanks are only so big and last so long before you run out of water and have to go get more, and there's tanks to dump for waste, mail to set up in "town" somewhere, and either laundry mats to run to or to wash clothes at the laundry mat and hang to dry at your campsite. With our old RV we also had satellite tv and a dish. We don't have that with this one and miss tv. So we will be looking at a dish for this one. At least looking into it. We haven't really done much for exploring either yet, but do plan to once we're more settled. We have Jakey with us and don't like leaving him behind to do things either. Today we  wanted to go to Walmart but the closest one is half hour away so we took him into the town of Parker, Arizona, and had a lady at a dog grooming shop look after him for 2 hours- $8. 

Here's where we're at :

Our expenses for the trip from home to here, totaled $2115. Cdn. This included expenses for take out food only,(we ate most meals in camper with food from home or what we bought along the way), gas, propane for the RV and camping fees along the way. It also included a  $180 pass for up to 6 months on any LTVA land in this area.We are currently staying in La Posa, LTVA (long term visitors area) (Quartzsite) as shown on the map below. 

                                ( CLICK ON MAP TO ENLARGE)

Will get some more photos of our "neighborhood" tomorrow and the :add a room" we've put onto the RV. 


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