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Monday, November 23, 2015

With traveling as we are, and  being on the road, you want to try to stay away from a life of take out food and frozen meals, and packaged cookies all the time. It's nice to have a little less of that if you can. Sometimes it's not always easy- especially if life it busy, or if your on the road, and away from home. But now that we're at our location here in Quartzsite camping for a few months, we can be a bit more settled.Time to get back to home cooking and some baking.

I hadn't tried out using a propane stove as of yet, so the other day had made some muffins that turned out great, so thought I'd try to make some home baked cookies next, with my mixes from Krusteaz.

Krusteaz makes it easy since all I had to add was an egg and some butter to my mix, and mix away and bake. 

Things turned out quite well, although I found with the propane stove that it took a bit longer to bake than the 8-10 minutes. Although I think I need to also get a thermometer for inside the oven so I actually know when my temperature is reached, as I just added the cookies into the oven once we turned on the pilot light.

The cookies taste great and I look forward to trying the other mixes out! 
These are also great mixes by the way for young bakers just starting out. Kids will love them and mom's will love the ease of helping them learn to bake.

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