News Update- November 3

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thought I'd share a few tidbits about us- since the last time I dropped a post about us.

- Well looks like we're still going to try to get away. We don't have any snow here yet and the weather has still been mild.  Looking at a bigger RV in Radisson, Sk., about 40 minutes outside of Saskatoon, Sk.. Since I have an iron infusion ( my first one so will see what that is like), this week, we'll also be making a trip with the RV we have now and try to make a deal. If we can, then we'll come back home and leave both RV's there, while they are prepping the new one. We'll come home, load up the SUV with clothes and food stuff and head back to pick it up. IF all goes well. Will know more this Thursday or Friday. 
- Had found out while we were in the US this last time we were paying .35 more on each dollar. Our dollar sure needs a pick me up!
-I got a letter in mail for jury duty in mid December but won't be able to go due to health problems- so sent that one back and said cant do.
-Found out today by emailing the manufacturer of our RV toilet, that our valve that the dealer charged us $75+ for when we said we had the leak last time out, was/ is suppose to be under a 2 year warrenty! They told us it wasnt, so we're going to try to collect that back from someone- grrr!
-Seeing that Gerry was still covered under his work benefits- they hadnt cut him off YET, we filled some final presciptions, and are hoping that my iron IV and travel will also be covered or partially covered, as it's quite expensive, but we'll have to wait and see I guess. Either way, I need to get it done. But the injection is over $300 and plus the travel as well.
-Have started on thinking about Christmas and gifts, although it looks like we may not be here, and will have to do gift exchanges with some of the family here, once we return.
-Gerry said this will be his last full pay cheque this payday - since he retired.
- Getting dark so early- think it was 5:30 today when we lost the daylight. By 10 pm we're ready for bed most nights! Miss the daylight, the sun and the blue sky. 


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