Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review of Jordache's Summer Collection For Women- Available @ Walmart

Reviews by: Monique and Ria

The Jordache women's collection has what fashionistas want now: jeans with higher rises, rich washes, and classic silhouettes.

Each season, Jordache designers work tirelessly to develop the best fabrics, perfect each fit, and create on-trend styles to craft jeans that look and feel great. Jordache denim is made from modern fabrics that stretch while retaining their shape for comfort and durability. Leveraging the latest innovations in fabric, Jordache jeans don't sacrifice comfort for style.

Best of all, Jordache offers incredible value with signature pieces retailing for as low as $21.98 CAD ($16.44 USD).

Ria reviewed the Jordache Miss Skinny jean, saying: " These were nice and soft, not stiff. I liked the fact that they were a great leg length and not too long, not needing any alterations was a plus. I loved the dark wash and the stretch in them as well. Definitely a jean that moves with me and looks stylish too." 

Monique reviewed the Jordache Woman's 21" Capri, saying : " These are a super comfy jean capri- fitting true to size. I wasn't sure about ordering online and if they would fit or not, but they did and so comfy. Like wearing a stretch pant and not like wear a jean fabric at all. The Jordache Women's 21" Capri jean capri features the signature Jordache back pocket stitching, side slit opening and a 21” inseam. Love them!!!"


Reviews by : Erika and Jon

We recently had to the opportunity to try a couple of products from Master Lock.

One of the products was the 20 Gauge Steel Dual Function Adjustable Door Security Bar, which we were quite impressed with!

The adjustable bar works on hinged as well as sliding patio doors and proves to be very strong to prevent forced entry. The pivoting ball joint assures full contact with floor, and padded foot provides sure grip without scratching. From now on, this bar will almost always be used for our patio door - we love it!

Another product we tried was the 
Set Your Own Combination Portable Personal Safe ,which was also great! 

It's the perfect sized safe for at home or on the go and fits all your valued belonging. It's lightweight, waterproof and shock absorbent. The cable around the case allows for easy carrying or for the case to be locked down. On the other hand, we found the key less combination lock wasn't the best - it seemed cheaply made and very difficult to turn. A metal lock of the same sorts would be better!

Overall, we were very happy with our Master Lock products. If you're looking to protect yourself and your stuff, protect with Master Lock!


Saying “I do” is one of the most significant commitments and milestones people experience during their lifetime. Master Lock is kicking off wedding season and National Safety Month by reminding newlyweds of important safety and security precautions to consider as they embark on married life.

As a part of the brand’s continuous commitment to keep consumers safe through all life stages, Master Lock is providing married couples with these safety tips and easy-to-use products:

1.      The Registry: Although more than 2 million couples tie the knot each year, 84 percent of U.S. and Canadian residents do not include safety items on their wedding registry.* Adding a durable, long-lasting safe, such as the Sentry Safe FHW40200 Waterproof Fire-Resistant File, to your registry will help ensure your valuables, marriage license and other important belongings are protected and safeguarded for years to come. 

2.      The Honeymoon: Whether you are traveling to an exotic destination or spending the weekend away, your honeymoon is a celebratory time for you and your spouse. As you pack your sunglasses, sandals and suits, don’t forget to lock up your luggage with a Master Lock 4688D or 4692D TSA-Accepted Luggage Lock to protect your valuables while traveling. Make sure to keep credit cards, cash, jewelry and other small items in the portable Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace personal safe to secure your belongings while you have some fun in the sun.

3.      The Home: Buying your dream home and moving in together may be the first time couples combine their belongings. From electronics to jewelry, your home is the place where all of your personal valuables and belongings are located. With a burglary occurring every 15 seconds,** turn your house into a safe haven with added protection and security measures. Beyond customary locks, use a Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar to resist forced entry through front, patio or sliding glass doors.  

4.      The Finances: Filing jointly with your spouse offers many advantages, and with a new marital status comes significant changes that could affect your taxes. Couples who jointly file are able to deduct two exemption amounts from their income and qualify for multiple credits. To keep all your necessary tax documents organized and protected throughout the year, use the Master Lock Vault, a free, digital safe deposit box, to store credit card numbers and digital copies of tax forms or other important documents in a secure, reliable location for easy access from any smart phone or computer.

5.      The Commitment: Getting married should be a positive time in your life, and committing to your spouse and relationship is a significant milestone. As in other areas of your life, marriage will be full of ups and downs. Planning for the long-term, discussing your goals, compromising and making sacrifices are all important steps to creating a happy and strong foundation together.      

For more safety tips and products, visit the Master Lock website or connect with Master Lock on social via FacebookTwitter,Pinterest or YouTube.

Review: Sphero's Ollie Darkside

Reviewed by: Jon

I was excited when I had the opportunity to try out the new Ollie Darkside.

Sphero has recently launched Darkside: an app-enabled robot more devious and defiant than the original Ollie. Darkside rolls at a speed of up to 14 mph and instantly connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, with a range of up to 100 feet.

Darkside lets users customize their robot more than ever by providing two sets of removable tires and hubcaps, along with built-in LED lights with customizable settings. The app controls the robot, letting the player use the joystick to practice tricks, spins, flips, and just about anything.
Darkside is a quite a few steps up from the original Sphero (which I also reviewed) - it looks cool and includes some extra accessories so you can customize it the way you want! Darkside is easy to connect to your device via Bluetooth and within the app, steering is simple and the app-powered tricks are endless. On the other hand, I found it difficult to change the tires at times and found Darkside was slightly more complicated in a lot of ways than the original Sphero.

Overall, Ollie Darkside is a fun toy with lots of neat features but I do prefer the original Sphero.

MSRP: $169 CAD
Retail Availability: Best Buy Canada, Amazon.ca, sphero.com

2015 Gift Giving Ideas For Children

Find the perfect gifts for kids - every time. We have ideas for kidsgift ideas for birthdays and other special times when you need to gift.

HEXBUG Aquabot Seahorse-

A tropical transformation has hit the AquaBot™ aquarium with the addition of, the HEXBUG AquaBot™ Seahorse. This water-born Seahorse uses its curly rubber tail and elegant back fin to gracefully swim and bounce around inside any fish tank.
Children can even control how deep the Seahorse dives to customize the HEXBUG AquaBot’s™ swimming patterns. The AquaBot™ Seahorse is available in 5 translucent colors. Colors are selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability. Ages 3+

Modarri Car Kits- 

Build your own street style car then take it out for spin. Perfectly balanced for finger driving, Modarri vehicles are super responsive so that you can almost “feel the road”.

Mix ‘n match and swap out parts from other sets to design your own custom vehicle. All parts are of modular design and every piece fits on every car. Leave off the hood or fender for even more configurations.

Real mechanics - each car features real steering and suspension. You will find real springs and real linkages in the independent front and rear suspensions. The tight turning radius and finger sized bucket seats gives an unbelievable feel of control. All cars have super sticky tires but different suspension travel from low and swift to tall and springy. You can design your vehicle to allow unique grips and create new never before invented tricks.

Now with just one finger, vehicles are capable of tight figure 8’s, spinning in circles or driving over obstacles. With 2 finger driving, vehicles can do wheelies, drifts, jumps and super cool 180 spin outs.

Includes a hex tool with swivel cap for quick builds. The retained socket head screws won’t get lost and cars won’t fall apart like with other building systems.
Ages 6yrs+.

Modarri products are available at specialty retailers nationwide, including:
Toys R Us, Treasure Island Toys (Toronto), Hobby & Toy Central (Kitchener, ON), Mrs. Tiggy Winkles (Ottawa), The Discovery Hut (Calgary), Granville Island Toy; Kaboodles (Vancouver),
Suggested Retail: $24.99

Kidizoom® Action Cam -  VTech Technologies Canada Ltd.-

Kids can now take regular videos and photos in addition to stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos (2.24”H x 2.24”W x 0.9”D) up to 6' deep underwater with the durable Kidizoom® Action Cam when used in its waterproof case

The Kidizoom® Action Cam will also to the bike/skateboard/other sports gear to record their adventures with approximate continuous photo taking & video recording for up to 2.5 hours, thanks to the rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery (included) and expandable memory of up to 32 GB (Micro-SD card sold separately), then connect it to their PC with the Micro USB cable and share with family and friends. 
What a perfect gift for their birthday, good grades, etc.!

The Kidizoom® Action Cam also features a 1.4” colour LCD Screen (128 x 128 dots), 3 built-in learning games, and fun effects, frames and photo filters. 

         Availability: Currently at WALMART and starting on August 1st: TOYS “R” US, Amazon.ca, MASTERMIND TOYS -CDN Price $69.99 

HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0

The HEXBUG® Aquabot 2.0 is perfect for a year-round gift so that kids can experience the fun of having a pet fish collection, without all the messy clean-up!

The new water-born Angelfish and Hammerhead Shark are packed with smart fish technology, added sensors and an inner LED glow that makes them appear more alive than ever before! 
The Aquabot 2.0 swimmers are equipped with hi-tech sensors that enable users to wake a sleeping fish by simply running their fingers through the water, touching the fish or even tapping on the outside of the fish bowl.

Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion and an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water, these aquatic fish propel around to explore their environment, swimming, diving and changing directions. After five minutes without activity, the Aquabots will go into sleep mode to conserve battery life.

All of its design elements were carefully chosen by our engineers to get children to think about the science behind the robot. 

The HEXBUG Aquabot is compliant with CPSIA standards. 
Ages: 3 years and up. 
Available in ten translucent colors; two button cell batteries are included with each HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0. 
MSRP: Aquabot 2.0 $12.99

The Demarini Voodoo Paradox backpack from Sports Unlimited is a great gift for kids that are into sports, who are looking to take their gear with them everywhere and anywhere. The bag's neoprene bat sleeves with BarrelLock technology provide the bag with superior strength and durability, while maintaining the its lightweight design. The compartments within the bag are large enough to hold your kids' helmet, baseball glove, or any other gear you bring to the game. A few other great features include a fleece lined cell phone compartment to store valuables, as well as a vented shoe compartment for breathable storage. At a price of only $49.95, this bag incorporates the latest technology in sporting equipment at an unbeatable price. You'll be setting yourself up for success with the Demarini Voodoo Paradox backpack from Sports Unlimited. 

*Watch this spot for more gifts coming soon.

Review: Magellan's RoadMate RM5320-LM

Traveling quite a bit, using the RV and the SUV, having a GPS is quite important to us. We have one in the RV for RV travel, but having one in the SUV is also important so we do not have to be moving it back and forth, and as well the one we do have in the RV is RV specific.

Gerry does all the driving usually, and I'm the co-pilot-LOL

We recently had a chance to review the Magellan's RoadMate RM5320-LM for the SUV. Gerry loved this unit- said some of the features that he was impressed with was the speed warning, larger keyboard, best parking locations,red light camera warning, larger screen, and ease of use. Gerry also liked the fact that it mentioned certain landmarks too. There are just so many great features of the Magellan Roadmate RM5320-LM. It can be ordered online for $149.99 and at Canadian Tire
Our previous GPS was also a Magellan. The RoadMate 3030-LM. This newer unit was definitely a step up as Gerry loved all the extra features.

So if your looking for a GPS right now, forget the rest and go with the best-  Magellan's RoadMate RM5320-LM.

Review: Cookina

Reviews by Erika and Monique

Cookina is a company that makes reusable non stick products for everyday use. Cookina products will have you cooking like a pro, because it is made from revolutionary material. Cookina looks like a piece of plastic, but it is heat resistant, and won’t burn.

It retains heat and is non-stick. It allows you to cook without using grease or oils to coat the surface. After you're done cooking, you can wash it in soap and warm water, and then it is ready to reuse again. This really helps you to cook healthy too, with out all the extra grease or fats.

Cookina also holds no odor or flavors from previous uses. You can cook any type of food on it and not worry about it tasting like what you had used it for previously. You can use it in the oven or on your barbecue. It’s also good for health grills and sandwich makers too.

Erika says: The Cookina baking sheet made baking a breeze! "One feature I liked was that you can cut it to size to fit any sort of baking sheet or pan. My cookies slid right off of the Cookina sheet with no sticking - I didn't even have to use a spatula! It's also easy to clean and doesn't have any after cooking odors. I look forward to using my Cookina baking sheet over and over again!"
Monique says: " Cookina baking sheets make baking fun! No stick, no foil, awesome!"

Erika says: "the Cookina BBQ sheet prevents the sauces from dripping down into the BBQ and you can just kinda scoop it back on as it runs off and put it back."
Monique says: "Gerry found it nice how everything cooked on it was completely no stick!"

Monique says: "Cookina Gard is awesome for the bottom of the oven. It can be reused many times by just washing with soapy water, and keeps all the spills contained to the bottom of the oven on the non stick sheet! I was surprised that even when I used the broiler at 525 degrees this did no overheat, curl up, or change its appearance in the oven. Love it!"