Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review: The Kurgo Wander Bench Seat Cover

Review by: Erika and Jon

We were especially excited when we had the opportunity to review Kurgo's Wander Bench Seat Cover since we just recently bought a new SUV and our dog "Be" loves to ride in the car and go to the dog park!

The Wander Bench Seat Cover is everything it says it is. The cover was easy to install and fits snug and secure without sliding around - the regular size was perfect for our SUV, however, the Velcro openings didn't line up very well with our seat belts so we just kept them closed.The storage pockets work great for toys, treats, etc.

It's also waterproof so you don't have to worry about anything soaking through onto your seats. The cover is stain resistant and keeps dirt and muck from getting around the rest of the vehicle. If it does get dirty, a quick toss in the wash and it's as good as new.

Overall, we were very happy with the Wander Bench Seat Cover from Kurgo and based on these photos, I'd say Be approves too!! 

Review: Before and After with Extend-A-Shower

Since we decided to re-decorate and renovate the RV, one of the things that had to go was the glass shower doors, trimmed in gold. Gold is really out style. Well for us anyhow. Wanted to change those out but what could we do? What would we replace them with?

After doing some searching online, I found the Extend-A-Shower . It lets you enjoy the comfort and privacy of your RV’s shower. It also creates more room in your RV’s shower. And when not in use it just simply folds out of the way, with no need for tools.

The Extend-A-Shower is like a slide out room for your shower. They have a lot of different models in varying widths so you can find one that will fit your particular shower. And they also come in many different colors too. Like for example: white, chrome and bronze. We chose the white as it was going to be the best match for what we were doing.

These are really very nice, and  great how it  pivots out of the way. It can easily be folded right into your shower stall, so you can have more room when not using. Another cool thing you can use the Extend-A-Shower for is to drip dry your laundry in your shower basin.

It was an easy install and we're quite happy with the turn out.

Sunday- June 28

It's a warm one today... 31 degrees- and alot of forest fire smoke in the air today as well.

I decided to get the cushions washed from the couch today- so threw them in the tub with some laundry soap, rinsed, and threw up on the clothesline.. and almost dry. They would have shifted too much throwing them in the machine.

First thing this morning Gerry was out staining the back deck.After doing the front step, it was quite noticeable that the back one wasn't done.. and looks so much better now. ( Had left over stain for both decks/ steps from a project we did last year to re-stain, so that worked out well for us.)

With it being warmer too, we've had to turn on the a/c's, and the one in our room, hadn't been blowing right. I mean, it worked but it seemed to be blowing the cooler air up towards the ceiling. Gerry is usually good with coming up with ways to solve problems so, I asked him if he could make something that would direct the air downwards more towards the bed. Well, he came up with hot gluing some old blind slats, onto it, still allowing us to move the way the air flow moves right to left, and it's already working perfectly! 

He's still been doing some work on the bathroom in the RV and we should have those before and after pics coming soon.

Health wise, Gerry still is having issues with his ear plugging up on him, limiting his hearing and making it most annoying. I'm still waiting for an appt. with the hematologist in the city, for my low iron. And newest problem is with my right shoulder. Got x-rays on it, although they said x-rays are fine, but for about 3 weeks already it's very stiff , bruised on the back, and burns at times within the muscles. May have to  make myself a chiropractor appt. to see if they can figure out anything with it. Not sure what they charge but may have to look into it this week. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! As usual, we're keeping busy.