Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We've Arrived! Quartzsite, Arizona

We arrived in Quartzsite, Arizona 2 days ago, and have been busy ever since. 
It was a long 7-8 days of driving and camping , driving and camping. I've been blogging, cleaning, setting up "house" and Gerry has been doing his own thing. It is a different type of lifestyle though, and one where you realize at home you have your laundry there for you, and your mail, and your fresh water, etc. Out here, that's all different. Your water tanks are only so big and last so long before you run out of water and have to go get more, and there's tanks to dump for waste, mail to set up in "town" somewhere, and either laundry mats to run to or to wash clothes at the laundry mat and hang to dry at your campsite. With our old RV we also had satellite tv and a dish. We don't have that with this one and miss tv. So we will be looking at a dish for this one. At least looking into it. We haven't really done much for exploring either yet, but do plan to once we're more settled. We have Jakey with us and don't like leaving him behind to do things either. Today we  wanted to go to Walmart but the closest one is half hour away so we took him into the town of Parker, Arizona, and had a lady at a dog grooming shop look after him for 2 hours- $8. 

Here's where we're at :

Our expenses for the trip from home to here, totaled $2115. Cdn. This included expenses for take out food only,(we ate most meals in camper with food from home or what we bought along the way), gas, propane for the RV and camping fees along the way. It also included a  $180 pass for up to 6 months on any LTVA land in this area.We are currently staying in La Posa, LTVA (long term visitors area) (Quartzsite) as shown on the map below. 

                                ( CLICK ON MAP TO ENLARGE)

Will get some more photos of our "neighborhood" tomorrow and the :add a room" we've put onto the RV. 


2015 Holiday Gift Guide For Babies/Toddlers

Babies, Toddlers  and Christmas.  Often kids this age, prefer to play with the box instead of the gift. This is the perfect time to give a special gift that they will cherish for years to come and that will make their Christmas, very special. There are however so many gifts to get babies- from clothing to toys, to bedding to cherished keepsakes. See below for some great gift ideas:

Little Ocean Explorers 3-in-1 Adventure Course-

Little Tikes is making a big splash into the infant category with this activity course. It helps stimulate and entertain baby throughout 3 key developmental milestones: sitting, crawling, standing. Ages 6-36 months. MSRP $79.99.

Little Tikes Catch Me Crabbie-

From the Little Ocean Explorers line of infant products, Catch Me Crabbie provides hours of active fun for babies. There is a motion sensor inside so when baby approaches, Crabbie will move side to side clapping his claws and plays music. Ages 6-36 months. MSRP $14.99

Little Tikes Dunk 'N Juggle Seal-

From the Little Ocean Explorers line of infant products, Dunk 'N Juggle Seal is perfect for building motor and problem solving skills. When baby tosses the ball in the basketball hoop, the seal starts clapping its fins and plays music. It releases the ball to the floor via the floor for baby to chase. Ages 6-36 months. MSRP $19.99

Cloud b – Cuddly Comfeez-
Perfect for a cozy embrace, these plush seats with character are bound to be your little one’s favourite piece of furniture - and the softest chairs in the house! With an adorable character face and made of ultra-plush fabric, each of these lightweight pals (sold separately) is the perfect d├ęcor for any child’s bedroom and also a cuddly companion for naptimes and playtimes alike! Sleep Sheep and Twilight Turtle are two Cuddly Comfeez styles based on Cloud b’s best-selling characters!
Available at independent toy, gift, and baby stores
MSRP $69.99 | 0+ years

Cloud b – Hugginz Musical Plushies-
The irresistibly huggable and super soft Hugginz Musical PlushiesTM from Cloud b are  six-inch tall plush animal toys that will help calm and soothe your baby whether at home or on-the-go. The Hugginz Musical Plushies™ heirloom style with a classic pull-string mechanism allows the baby to start the soothing lullaby by simply pulling on the plush star. Each Hugginz Musical PlushiesTM toy (sold separately) exceeds the highest international standards for safety, is machine washable (when the detachable sound box is removed), and its velcro tab for easy attachment makes it perfect for strollers, cribs, car seats and activity gyms.

Available at independent toy, gift, and baby stores

MSRP $29.99 | 0+ years

*** Watch this spot for more gift giving ideas.

It’s Time for a Little Holiday Magic with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies* #TreatsforToys

Make. Share. Give.

The Kellogg’s Rice Krispies #TreatsforToys program helps bring a smile to children in need by encouraging Canadians to make a toy-shaped Rice Krispies treat and share a picture of it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the #TreatsforToys hashtag.

For every image uploaded from now until December 21, 2015, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies will donate $20 to The Salvation Army to buy a toy for a child in need during the festive season!

This is the perfect time of year for extra giving. We donate to the food bank this time of year and as well participate in other giving- such as the Salvation Army Kettle bells and children gifting programs for the less fortunate. 

It's important we teach our children to give and think of others less fortunate than ourselves this time of year, and with the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies #TreatsforToys program , it's a perfect opportunity!