Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Children's gifts are the easiest and the funnest to buy for during the holidays. I personally love seeing all the new things out every year just for kids! Most kids too are happy with just about any new toy or gadget. Gift buying for kids is fun! Here are some favorite picks for the kids on your holiday gifting list this year.

Rubik’s Spark-

Rubik’s have created an amazing, new electronic cube that offers hours of fun, and six games in one.
Designed for ages 6-11, the Rubik’s Spark is a new, high-tech evolutionary game platform, using lights, sounds, and ‘Bubble Control’ Technology to challenge the senses and unleash your inner competitive self.
Players tilt turn shake and flip the Spark to complete digital puzzles, games, mazes and challenges.

The flashing cursor will always try to ‘float to the top’ making game play a balance between speed and skill.

**Watch this spot for more upcoming gift ideas for the kids.
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