Our December's #Expenses While #RVing

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Did up our usual expenses for December. We don't calculate everything in- like doggy daycare if Jake needs it when we're out of town or hair cuts or internet. We only are watching a few catagories for our own benefit. 

We will list in US $$ below our month's expenses in various catagories for December as well as what we spent in November. ( Expenses for 2 adults and a Yorkie that can eat us out of house and home somedays!)

December- $421.23 US-                              November- $426.94 US

Gas for RV:
(This is really dependant on where we travel of course)
December- $300 US                                     November- $430.13 US

Gas for SUV:
December - $111 US                                    November- $85  US

December- $0 ( anywhere we found to park and camp was free)             November- $162.29 (Vegas)

December- $93.28 US ( was cooler and used furnace more)                    November - $31.15

December-$15                                                November-$24.75

Take out:
December $86.89 ( this I'm not proud of- I think it's Gerry eating too much-LOL)                             November- $26.23


  1. Looks like overall you did better in December than November. We put up our expenses for December as well but we include everything that we spend, that way others have a better idea of the cost of living when traveling and RVing and what it all entails.


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