The Good and the Bad of Southern #California

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Yesterday we drove to Disney, with our SUV. We unhooked from the RV (still staying in the casino parking lot), and figured we had about an hour and 10 minute drive there. Well, we did have to make pit stops for us and for Jakey, so that added on to that time. On the way there the traffic was fast, terribly busy and we were glad we didn't take the RV.We got to Anaheim, dropped Jakey off at the doggy daycare, stopped at the pet store ,had lunch, then headed to Disney.

We chose this time to go to Disney California Adventure, which is directly across from Disneyland, and in the same area. Same principal just a bit different. (Parking for the SUV was $18 USD)

If you get Park Hopper tickets you can see both parks if you like, in one day- and if your feet can handle it! We are good for about 5 hours max of walking and that does us in.The park of course offers attraction, entertainment and dining throughout, as well we shops of all kinds. The day was cooler but got warm by afternoon. Best to go either earlier in the day or when it is cooler, otherwise you really can find your dragging yourself in the heat. The park offers drinks and ice cream, etc throughout though but keep in mind they are more expensive than at your local convenience store.

Be aware of line ups for attractions. We saw most being 40-55 minutes and didnt want to wait. You can cut wait times though by purchasing a FastPass. Please note this is not available for all rides though.

We had a nice day walking around though and taking in sites and such.
The worst part of the day once we picked up Jakey and headed back was that the traffic was terrible- beyond terrible x 10. We were in 8 lanes of crawling traffic at times and it took us about 3 times the amount of time to get back than when we went. We are so glad we never took the RV as well. This is something that we have noticed with driving through this area, from before...The bad is: Southern California is extremely busy everywhere for traffic and people. The good is: there is places like Disney to come to  to have a bit of fun!



  1. Yep, the traffic is something that we really noticed as well, especially for the trip back to where we were staying (south of LA). We enjoyed our time in the area but not sure we will go again. Sure don't miss how busy everything is there.

  2. Yes.. it does tend to turn one off of the area when they aren't "city folk"


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