Review: Dometic RV Window Awnings

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

With our RV parked to take full advantage of the sun to charge our batteries daily, and being in the Arizona desert, we found we were getting ALOT of sun on one side of the RV.

We already had covers for our tires to prevent cracking, but the heat was really warming it up in here most days through the windows. We had bought foil sun shades for the side windows to keep the heat out but, then we couldnt see out. Regular blinds still allow the heat in.The sun stays out but the heat is so intense at times, that it still heats up the glass and therefore then the interior of the RV.
With me sitting on the side where the table is to blog, which is also the side where we get the most sun for the day, we needed a better solution to keep things cooler in here on those hot days, as well as have the ability to see out.
We had seen other RV's with window awnings in the camping area and thought that was something we really needed for ours.

We turned to a company called Dometic. Dometic provides a full range of durable patio, window and door awnings. Their products come in a variety of durable and stylish fabrics – each with its own characteristics.

As you can see they look great on the RV, and Gerry installed these himself. He said the install was pretty straight forward. For anyone wishing to look into this for their own RV, camper or 5th wheel, please see more info here. We are very pleased and impressed with ours.

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