2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Techies

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Have a techie to buy for this holiday season?As the holiday season closes in, you may be thinking about just what to get the tech-savvy person on your Christmas list  and we have some great ideas for you.Welcome to the gift guide for some great ideas on what to get them!

This quadricopter is an ace of acrobatics and can perform flips and rip through the air at 11 mph. The ‘Night’ can fly during the day and night thanks to two powerful LEDs with adjustable intensity. The Parrot Airborne MiniDrone has remarkable flight stability and utilize technologies usually dedicated to larger drones:
o    A 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope measure and analyze each movement or inclination of the drone and, thanks to the autopilot, rectify the position of the MiniDrone.

o    A vertical camera compares, every 16 milliseconds, an image of the ground to the previous one to determine the speed of the MiniDrone. It also enables the MiniDrone to take snapshots which are recorded on the 1 Gb Flash memory.

o    An ultrasound sensor analyzes the flight altitude up to 13 ft. Beyond, a pressure sensor controls the MiniDrone in altitude.

o    Aces of acrobatics: the Airborne can rush up to 11 mph, turn right and left, and perform flips with amazing fluidity and stability. A ‘swipe’ on the screen and the Parrot ‘Airborne’ turn 90 or 180° in a flash.

They are always on alert. Throw them and their sensors detect it instantaneously: engines start automatically and they stabilize in the air!
Great holiday gift for the tech lover in your life!

THINKWARE’s F750 Dash Cam-

THINKWARE’s F750 dash cam is one of the most technologically advanced dash cameras on the market. It’s loaded with advanced features including Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in GPS with location tracking. It also comes with Forward Collision and Lane Departure warning systems, which will keep you and your passengers safe. The F750 uses high end components including an Ambarella A7 chipset and Sony sensor to deliver excellent video performance and durability. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, users can connect to the dash cam and download recordings straight to their phone.

The F750 makes the perfect gift for the father who loves to take road trips or the daughter or son who could benefit from the safety of installing a dash cam.

**Watch this spot for more techie gifts for holiday gifting!

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