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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I had some clothes to exchange today at Eddie Baurer, at the Outlet Mall, in Cabazon, so that was our first stop this morning. We then packed it up and headed into Cathedral City, Ca. Since we didn't want to be driving the RV all over the city, we stopped at Walmart, parked the RV there and unhooked the SUV. We drove Jakey after that to doggy daycare, and then headed out ourselves.

Our first stop was over to Desert Hot Springs, Ca. about 25 minutes away to see the Cabot's Pueblo Museum. We took one of the hour long guided tours, and went through the home, as well as did a walk through his yard and gardens. Cabot’s pueblo spreads 5,000 square feet, divided into 35 rooms and adorned with 150 windows and 65 doors. It was an impressive place.

No photos were allowed inside the home however. The yard also was equally impressive, with it's BIG hand carved indian head in the lot.. great photo!

After we left there we drove to Thousand Palms, Ca., to the Coachella Valley Preserve - that also is where the San Andreas Fault line sits! 

This place is free to visit- donations welcome. Walking trails as well but most were at least 2 miles and we just weren't up for a long walk so we just walked throughout parts of the area, took some pictures of the California Fan Palm, which were amazing to see, and of Gerry walking on the fault! ( You don't see it of course- they just tell you it's there!) 

Very cool place.. you see desert for miles and in the middle of it is this oasis of tree and trees! It reminded me of what a Gilligan's Island could have looked like-LOL

Once we got back into town we had Arby's to eat for supper, picked up Jakey and headed out. Tonight we'll stay again in Indio, Ca for the night, do a few things in the morning and then head back to Quartzsite till our next adventure mid January!



  1. We saw that Indian carving as well back in April. The artist has indian carvings all over the country and I believe some in other countries as well. His name is Peter Toth, if you google him you can find a list of where they all are. Unfortunately the day we saw the carving it was on a Monday and the museum was closed so we had to take the picture from outside the compound.

    You can get a nice view of the fault line from Key's View in Joshua Tree NP.

  2. Interesting Ruth- thanks for sharing... found this:
    as well, one of these times when we get to Joshua Tree we will stop there ...thanks for sharing.


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