Review: Blue Apron

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review by: Gerry

Looking to do something a little different? How about doing dinner the Blue Apron way? Well who is Blue Apron? Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy. They provide you with all the healthy ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions. Making gourmet home cooking accessible to everyone.

"Chef" Gerry did the cooking for our review of Blue Apron. It arrived on an overnight delivery, with ice packs, and wrapped in a foil bag. All food items still fresh/ frozen. All proportioned for 3 different dinner menus which he chose online. Blue Apron includes in their box, easy to follow recipes on full sheet colored cards. All recipes come with the meat/ fish/ chicken for the recipe as well as most of the ingredients which make up the recipe.

Tonight "Chef" Gerry made the Blackened Catfish with Veracruz Sauce. (This particular recipe really had a warming after effect with it's ingredients!) His first time trying catfish as well. With all the ingredients at hand, (except for the cooking oil he used in the fry pan), the process of the prep and cook was a complete success. As an added feature on the recipes, Blue Apron includes choices of suitable wines to accompany your meal.

Meal plans come as a 2 person or a Family Plan. Sample recipes for the week can be seen @ Blue See their site for more information.

"Chef" Gerry looks forward to trying his 2nd of 3 meals. He has enjoyed his first ever catfish- as well as olives which were included in the recipe and he had never tried before. Raisins too were included in this recipe- something he has never used in a cooking recipe before. All in all it was fun!

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