Book Review: Frugal Fresh Start by Stephanie Jones

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I have over the years read many a frugal book. I love them all. And despite reading so many of them, I still enjoy reading "everyone's story". 

My latest frugal book read was Frugal Fresh Start by Stephanie Jones. It has a 28 day challenge to trim your expenses, build a budget and fix your finances. Stephanie tells you in the book to read one day at a time and do the challenges, but once I get into a good book, well sorry Stephanie, I can't put it down, and one chapter a day ain't good enough for me -lol!
I did enjoy this book, as I do most "how to be frugal" books.
It will share with you ways to trim your expenses and leave you with more money for your savings or to pay down your debt.

Stephanie Jones and her husband live in the boonies of Northern California with their four kids ages eight months to nearly eight years. When she's not crunching numbers for the family's finances, you can find her adventuring outdoors with the family, sewing something fabulous for the kids, or baking something delicious. At, Stephanie shares her family's journey to pay off over $130,000 of law school student loans in three years.

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