Today Wasn't All That Good

Friday, November 11, 2016

It wasn't the worst of days but it wasn't the best.

On his walk this morning and off his leash running around some bush looking any lizards, Jakey managed to step on a cactus thorn.. his first one of the year. Gerry carried him the rest of the way back to the RV and pulled it out with pliers... not something he particularly likes either.

It's still been quite hot here in the afternoons so once it gets too hot I come in and run the AC off the generator. Yes, we came here for the sun but the heat is a bit much at times. Should cool off 10 degrees by next weekend though.

We had been having problems with our water leaking too. A few times under the sink in the 1/2 bath- but a good tighten this time and Gerry figures he has it now.Then the main bathroom the toilet has been leaking for a couple of days. He tried to find the reason and leak a few times.. and finally thinks he has that one all fixed too. But unfortunately spent about $90-$100 CDN for parts .

And one more BIG one for today- the window cracked again in the front window when he was lifting the RV to do some tire change. Guess the frame  somehow twisted and with the heat too he said- CRACK! Now we have to see about putting a claim in and getting it looked after hopefully before we leave for Las Vegas on Wednesday. Or after- not sure, as they usually have to order a window. Same thing happened last year!

On another note- I returned my Tarzan movie to Redbox this morning- was a good movie and rented The Shallows for tonight. So at least that is a nice way to end the day later- with snacks and a movie with Gerry ...
Later everyone.


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