A Day Trip To Mexico For Dental

Monday, November 28, 2016

Since Gerry retired early, last October, we lost our dental benefits he used to have while working with the company he was at. This year I had dental work done in the city because I had some complicated things that needed to be done- but it wasn't without costing a small fortune. So now we were due for cleanings and check ups. Would have been a few hundred each for us in the US while here, but this year again, we drove almost 2 hours out from Quartzsite and went to Los Algodones, Mexico

                         ( Took a photo here but where the people are walking, it says no photos in that area since there is customs and US border security to the left.)

Each got cleanings and check ups done for a total of $60 US. When we were done we saw a place offering manicures for $10 US - so we went. Although it was cheap, I got one knick and Gerry got two when getting cuticles cut, but all in all not bad.  Definitely cheap!

We also had paid $12 for parking the RV in the lot shown below.

We didn't do any "shopping". We feel very hounded when we're there, and feel we cant really look at anything without being harassed. So it's go in and come back out. There is always someone selling something though. Made a quick stop at the Walmart in Yuma for some food, and now on way back to Quartzsite, where we'll just watch a movie from Redbox and relax tonight.


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