Leaving Las Vegas

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I had wanted to get my yesterday's blog post done, well, yesterday but with all the running around we did, and then meeting with Ria and Chris again in the evening, that plan went out the window.

Like I knew, it takes more time to drive in the city back and forth and to get anywhere than anything. We would take Jakey to doggy daycare, which would be a distance from the RV Park, then we'd drive here and then drive there and would take us most times close to an hour to get from here to there. The traffic is exceptionally fast too. Sometimes I'd rather just close my eyes and not look. Everyone darting in at out at top speeds, someone getting too close, someone flipping you the bird, someone honking... eeek- get me back to a small town! But the city does offer entertainment, and a great variety of sites and shopping. You seem to have to have to take the good with the bad.

And if you asked if we gambled? Well yes we did- a BIT. We did play the slots once or twice but weren't lucky nor did we spend much. I think if we would have won anyhow we just would have tried our luck again to win MORE and lost it possibly again. The slot machines are fun but NOT when you lose.

We had went to a place called the Mob Museum when we were in Vegas but we didn't stay long. It didn't keep our interest.We did like some things- like short fact videos they played in various locations within the museum, the gas chamber, the electric chair, artifacts of mobster's choices of weapons, etc., but we also found ourselves rushing through it to leave. 

We'd give it a 6/10. But a 10 for the artifacts contained within . Please note parking is also $6 to park next to the museum. We had no change on us and went to one of the nearby casinos and got free parking, and just walked over. 

A highlight of the day we must say though was the Lion Habitant Ranch on the outskirts of town. This is not a zoo. It's a habitat for lions, birds, emu, ostrich and giraffe . It's home to the cats that used to be exhibited at the MGM Grand Hotel. 

We found the ranch VERY clean, the animals all very healthy looking and the staff most friendly.

We were surprised by the size of the lions and were glad we were on the "right" side of the fence! At one point when we were there, one lion roared and they all started in- it is quite the thing to hear  how loud and strong their voices really are. 

We enjoyed our short visit here and would come here again. Please note the facts on how costly it is to look after these animals as well:

(which we understand from one staff member that these figures are higher now!) A great visit- and must see for anyone.

But today we say good bye to Las Vegas- till we see you again another time. 
We were glad we were able to spend some time with the Ria and Chris too- even if it were for a brief time... we love you guys- and will miss you.

P.S -Gerry is so happy not to be driving in the city anymore- especially with a big RV, as we head out of the city and onto the lonely desert highway.


  1. Just travelling along, singing a song. Yes, people in cities are so much in a hurry. We find that when I have to see the specialists in the city. One nice thing about living in a "one'horse" town, where the pace is nice and slow. I am sure Monique that you don't miss the biting winter cold though. Mom

  2. You would have loved the cats mom- they are so nice. And it's cold there? LOL.. you forget about it when your away from it.


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