Day 2 Las Vegas

Friday, November 18, 2016

It was already dark when we got into Las Vegas last night with the RV. We had planned to leave earlier in the day but Ria was waiting on a package for Chris to arrive at our post office that they needed,  so we waited around till it came in at 3 pm and left after that. But Vegas is about a 4 hour drive North from where we were at. Gerry hates driving in the dark, with the RV,plus add to that fast city driving and not being able to see much... never good. Add again to that going down into the wrong lane of traffic and people honking, and trying to get back out- nightmare!! But we did make it. Checked in last night for 3 nights at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort.

Lots of people and RV/s/campers here.Very close together as well- not like in the desert where we have a ton of space! (Which we prefer- but this IS the city after all). And we're only here for a few days. 3 days is costing $162 US - just to be parked here and use their power, water and services! I do like their little doggy runs here in the park though.

Very clean and they "encourage you" to pick up after your dog in a great way- by fining you if you don't.

We did go out last night and treated Ria and Chris to Red Lobster- ( they were in the city so we drove up to see them).. went to Walmart after too... but it was getting so late and Jakey was back at RV waiting for us I'm sure, So we called it an evening after  a little over 3 hours visiting and hanging out.

Today- (Thursday) Gerry and I headed out today on our own, since Ria and Chris were at a convention/trade show of sorts. We took Jakey to a great doggy daycare for the day.. and we're sure he had a great time. Good for him to have some fun on holidays too.

In the afternoon, Gerry and I went to Real Bodies at Bally's. Too cool! 

Real Bodies at Bally's uses real human specimens to explore the inner workings of the human form. The exhibition provides insight into our own bodies from conception through life, and the inner happenings of what goes on inside of us and how we are all "put together." It's quite fascinating and a must see while in Vegas. They are located in the Bally's Hotel and Casino and easy to find.

We even were over at Acrylic Aquariums where they make the fish tanks for the tv show Tanked...( most of what they do is done in the back behind fenced in area but was still free for us to go in and take a look see).

A "bucket list" thing I did today was shoot a couple of real guns! Yeah - scary stuff! Wow! Shot a handgun and machine gun at The Range 702

Gerry did some shooting too but he's shot a gun before so it was more me just like wow and wow! I totally recommend if you are in Las Vegas to go to this place. They are sooo nice and totally professional. You can take your own photos, one of their staff helps with the shooting and you can keep your target practice sheet as a souvenir when you leave. I sure found out there is alot of power in a gun! We both loved the experience we had.

We did get to do some shopping in the afternoon as well- and looking around. Vegas weather was definitely cooler than in Quartzsite. We are in sweaters and pants here and have cut the furnace in in the RV.

We got together with Ria and Chris again to see the Terry Fator Show in the evening. 

Neither of them been- and his show is one we see every time we are in Vegas. He had some new puppets this year, music and jokes. It's nice for the people that do come back every year to see him- but he also keeps some of our favorites. Always a full house! A must see show in Vegas. This was our 3rd or 4th time seeing it and we are always well entertained.

Tomorrow is another we'll talk to you all then.


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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time in Vegas! If it were Kevin and I, we would have waited until the next day to drive, no way would we have left at 3pm in the afternoon but that is just the way we are.

    We have done Vegas once before for a week and that was definitely enough for us, we would like to visit more of the surrounding area not the city itself.


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