Book Review: From Junk Food To Joy Food

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

As much as I try to eat healthy, I don't always succeed. I still like what I like and diets don't work for me. At 50, I am trying to stay away from that darn middle age spread and as well just eat healthier for my health in general. I also have food intolerances and find that by eating healthier alternatives my stomach behaves much better and I have less upset, rumbles, etc..

I had read about healthier eating options in a magazine one day and decided to pick up the book  by Joy Baurer called- "From Junk Food to Joy Food." Joy's book is about " All the Foods You Love to Eat..Only Better".

Joy covers more than 115 recipes in her  book from Breakfast to Desserts- showing you that you don't have to sacrifice taste to eat well and to eat things you love. No more counting calories!

This is truly a book I will be keeping as it is a nice hardcover book, full of big, color pictures on every page and simple foods, simple eating, simple recipes. On every page Joy also shows you the Junk Food and the Joy Food- the not so healthy version and Joy's healthier version of the recipe...

I will be adding this book to my "keepers" and trying many of these healthier version recipes....a great book to have for any health conscious person or for someone who loves trying new recipes!

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