The KFC $10 Chicken Share

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chicken is better when it is shared.  So grab a friend, wife or hubby even and pick up a $10 Chicken Share. You can share either nine Extra Crispy™ tenders, six pieces of chicken, a lot of Popcorn Nuggets, or twelve Hot Wings. 

Gerry and I had a chance to try the $10 Chicken Share on the way back from Las Vegas the other day. We stopped in Parker, Arizona at their location and were helped by the friendly staff there.

We chose the 9 piece tenders. Ordered 2 small wedge fries as a side but when we got our tenders there were some wedges on the top on the share bucket as well. May have been a bonus?

Great to grab something quick as we were over due for supper that day.

Try it today!

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