Review: #Roadmaster 4750 Tow Defender

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Who, What, When ,and Why and Final Outcome of reviewing the Roadmaster 4750 Tow Defender.

Who:  Roadmaster is a manufacturer and seller of tow bars, towing systems, and accessories.

What: Product We Reviewed: Roadmaster 4750 Tow Defender
A bumper-to-bumper blanket of protection! The Tow Defender's all-weather, heavy-duty screen deflects rocks, gravel and road debris down and away, protecting your towed vehicle's finish, headlights and windshield against chips and dings. The vinyl-coated mesh lets air through, keeping it low and over the road.

Fully extended, both Tow Defenders offer 20 square feet of protection, and are held in place with shock-absorbing gas struts.

When: While down south and traveling through the USA and Canada, the opportunity arose to review the Tow Defender.

Why: While we were traveling to get to southern Arizona for the Winter, Gerry found a fair number of small rocks were ending up at the base of his SUV that he was towing. As well as discussing this issue with fellow RVer's, the Tow Defender appeared to be a solution to this problem.

The Final Outcome: After a 5 minute easy installation process, Tow Defender is installed and ready for our next trip. It's a product we highly recommend for the product and the customer service, and commitment to the brand.

Please visit Roadmaster for all your towing needs!

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