More Proof of Doing Good- What Goes Around Comes Around

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Today I had my eye brows waxed and the girl was so nice that I left her a nice tip. I told her she was very kind.
After that Gerry got a hair cut and a different girl cut his side burns too short- ( shaved rather than trimmed as he asked). He said it was too short so she gave him a free hair cut.
I think the two were connected cause I gave someone a nice tip and said something nice, another girl in turn did something nice for him. And neither knew about what the either did.
We also tipped the a car hop today and a homeless guy on the road we gave him a dollar.
Good always brings good. The rule of Ten Fold or Kindness Brings Kindness- The Golden Rule.
Yesterday they gave me free roast beef at a fast food place, when I asked for some for Jakey. They usually charge so I in turn left my change in the charity food collection box at their counter, and completed the circle of kindness.
Do you believe in the Golden Rule or Ten Fold?

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