Why Cars Are Safer Than Ever

Friday, November 23, 2018

Ok, so the first thing you might be thinking is… huh!?! All you ever heard about on the news, or through social media, is that there’s been another fatal car crash. Obviously this would lead you to think that cars are only causing more trouble than they’ve ever caused before. Well, this definitely isn’t the case. You’ll actually find that as the years go on, getting behind the wheel of a car has never been more safer. For all of those of you who are a bit of a stress head at the minute behind the wheel, you’re reading the right article. We’ve come up with a few ways that should show you why cars are now safer than ever, even if the number of crashes each year seem to be creeping up. We bet you’re wondering how such a thing could happen if cars are getting safer, so let us explain for you…

Safer Technology

Oh, isn’t technology just amazing! You don’t agree? Well let us tell you how it has changed the cars we’re using today, and how it is shaping the cars of our future. So, here are a few of the things that we’ve seen come in recently. First of all, you’ve got technology that can help you with lane changes. It can detect when you’re veering into another lane when perhaps you shouldn’t be, and when it might not be safe to move into another lane. You might be thinking, my head turns… I can check! Well, it’s not always the case. Something can change in a split second on the road, or you could even miss something in your blind spot. If you think it is only the bigger and more expensive cars that are benefits from something like this, well, you’re wrong. It’s actually being used in so many different cars, of all different price ranges. No car manufacturer wants to compromise on safety due to fear of ruining their reputation. So, if the technology is available, they will use it! There’s also bits such as parking sensors that will reduce any parking collisions, because trust us they do happen!

Smarter Roads

If you think about it, the roads have had no choice but to get smarter. No, we’re not talking about them gaining a bit of knowledge. We’re talking about the way that they’re laid out, and how traffic is now allowed to flow through the roads. Clear signings, and better markings on the roads mean there is less of a chance of collision. Motorways have been made bigger to accommodate the increase in cars on the roads, and they have been filled with speed cameras that will hopefully deter people from wanting to speed. Considering the motorways are some of the most dangerous stretches of road in the world, speeding can definitely increase the risk of a fatal collision. Which leads us on to talk about the driver, and why a lot of it is to do with them!

It’s All About The Driver

As much as many of you definitely wouldn’t like to admit this, it is all about the driver. People are so quick to blame the car when something happens, but there’s never really a car fault that causes a crash. But, who can blame us. The roads are only getting busier, so how are we meant to driver without eventually crashing in to someone? Well, if you speak to a car accident lawyer, you will generally find that the chances of being involved in a crash at some point during your time behind the wheel is going up and up. But, there are ways of reducing your chances. Driving as you were taught on your driving lesson is one. But as you look around, you’ll see people whizzing by on their phones, looking at themselves in the mirror, or just generally speeding about! Staying away from heavy traffic times is always a good idea if you’re looking to avoid a collision. The less people around you, the less you’re putting yourself at risk.

Stricter Rules

As the years go on, there are being more laws introduced that means driving is now more regulated than ever. There are so many safety standards that a car has to meet before it is rolled off the production line. It’s great to know that the safety of the person behind the wheel is of the highest importance, but again, it’s all about how people get behind the wheel! However, as long as car safety keeps on improving, the roads should as well!

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