Passed Your Test? Here's What To Do Next

Monday, November 19, 2018

Passing your driving test is a great moment in your adult life, and it finally gives you a sense of freedom to break away from public transport and finally travel your own way. When you do pass your driving test there are several things you will want to do, and here are just some of them.


First of all, the moment you pass your driving test you should take some time to celebrate and be happy with your achievement! Not enough of us celebrate little things like this and it can be a big moment for you if you have always relied on others to take you where you need to go.

Find a car

Next on your list of things to do is make sure that you can find a car which is right for you. Think about looking for second hand cars for your first car because this will be much more cost effective and it will tie you over for a year or two whilst you get used to the idea of driving on the roads. You will want to stick to a 1.2-1.4L engine to start off with as any more than this can be a little too powerful for a new driver, and you can think about what will we be the most reliable for you.

Take Pass Plus

When you have taken your driving test and passed it you will likely be very eager to get on the road and start really driving for the first time. However before all of this make sure that you take a Pass Plus course to teach you how to drive on the motorway. This will have a big impact on your confidence driving and it will allow you not to be scared to get on the motorway during a trip.

Get insurance

Insurance is always going to be a big deal when you get a car of your own and when you think about the cost of it, it can have a big impact on your life. Make sure before you buy a car that you look for the best auto insurance companies and ensure that you can get insured for the vehicle you want. For example it is very unlikely as an 18 year old with 0 years no claims that you will be insured in an Audi R8! Be realistic and make sure you check things thoroughly.

Enjoy the roads

Last but not at all least, enjoy the roads. Now that you have passed your test and you finally have a car of your own you can go out there and simply enjoy being on the road every day! Take your friends on a road trip or simply go for a drive when the roads are quiet at night and enjoy the feeling of it all. It can be amazing to be in your own car at last and it will make a massive difference to your own life every day.

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