Your Guide To A Frugal But Fantastic Holiday Season

Monday, November 26, 2018

It’s not even December yet and people are already starting to celebrate the holidays. As the days go on, more and more trees, wreaths, and decorations are making an appearance, and people are becoming more animated as they talk about the big day. Christmas. There - we said it!

If you're not looking forward to the big day because you’re worried about your budget, fear not. There are many ways you can enjoy a frugal but fantastic holiday season with the people you love. Read on and get some suggestions so you can feel more relaxed the entire month of December!

Figure Out Your Spending Plan
Start by figuring out your spending plan. Make a list of people you’d like to buy for. Remember, you’re not obligated to buy for anybody. It would be nice if we could give absolutely everybody a gift, but when you’re on a tighter budget you need to be smart. You shouldn’t buy anybody a gift because you feel under pressure, or because you know they are going to buy you one. Gift giving should feel good, and we should be comfortable with the money we spend and the people we give to.

When you have your list of people you’re going to buy for, write out a budget next to each one. It should be a number you’re comfortable with spending. When you have this written down, you’ll be forced then to get creative with your budget, rather than going over your budget because you’re worried it’ll look like you haven’t bought certain people a lot. It should never be about the quantity of gifts, so remember that!

See Where You Can Raise Some Extra Cash
See if you can raise some extra cash so that you don’t have to worry as much. Can you do some extra hours at work? Perhaps you could offer some freelance services on sites like Fiverr, or even do some surveys online? You might not make a fortune, but you’ll be able to top up your Christmas budget. Perhaps you can sell a few things you no longer use. If you have an old bike, for instance, can help you. There will be all kinds of ways you can raise more money if you’re determined.

Look For Deals And Coupons
Don’t buy without looking for deals and coupons first. You may be able to find ‘3 gifts for 2’ deals, and hunting through a few sites before making a purchase might get you 10% off or free delivery as a minimum. Taking a little extra time is all it takes.

Come Up With Ideas For Making Gifts And Decorations
Why not make some of your own gifts and decorations? Homemade gifts tend to be far more thoughtful. You could even make cookies and cakes for work colleagues and distant family members if you want to give them at least something.

Re-gift Items
If there are items gifted to you that you know you won’t use, there’s no shame in regifting them!

Don't Give Cards This Year

Cards are waste of trees and money. Send an electronic card instead and leave them out this year.

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