The IG Charcoal BBQ-Grilling to Perfection

Friday, November 23, 2018

If your looking to entertain in style, you'd be looking for the IG Charcoal BBQ- perfect for your outdoor gatherings, like sporting events, family reunions, holiday get togethers, you name it- endless possibilities. Lots of grilling space, great for more meat and all those skewers you'll want to be making for the hungry crowd!

IG Charcoal BBQ is a stainless steel charcoal barbecue. This barbecue is multi-functional with a grill top that is made especially for cooking skewers. The grill also has other features such as a rotating charcoal handle for raising and lowering the heat level of the charcoal. The grill comes with a sliding ash collector tray for easy and fast cleanup. Lastly, the grill has folding side trays and easy installation.
  • Folding Side Trays
  • Rotating Charcoal Handle
  • Ash Collector Tray
  • Stainless Steel
  • Storage Space

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