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Sunday, November 11, 2018

We'll be heading out tomorrow and making our way towards Vegas - 
Will be taking Jakey to the vet on Tuesday for a teeth cleaning and check up, then heading into the city and staying at one of the KOA's. Costs more than parking any old place, but we're in a secure location and will have peace of mind. We'll also be close to Ria and Erika. Yes! Both girls will be there too. Ria has a trade show to attend and Erika is also flying in from Calgary. And we'll be there for at least 4 days. Will be great to spend time together and Jakey will be so excited to see both of them again.

Had to buy a new brake caliper for the RV. We bought one before we left home but not sure if was defective or the wrong one but ended up leaking on us. Gerry noticed we had little for brakes last week when we went to go out. Checked them and realized we had a slow leak. In the end we ended up getting $58 USD for the one we took off but still had to pay $140 for a new one. Good thing Gerry is jack of all trades and was able to do the work himself.

Got my hair colored a few days ago.Obviously though, the hair dresser and I were not on the same page. My once blonder hair is now quite brunette with a few blonde streaks. I am not too happy but dont want to go back and have it fixed either...although she said she would change it. I am going to try a few natural remedies and see if I can lighten it myself. If not then maybe I will think about going back. Still up in the air about it now. Not one for big changes either and prefer my hair lighter.

Is anyone thinking about Christmas yet? In Canada Thanksgiving is in October so we have more time in between to think about Christmas. In USA it comes quite fast from celebrating Thanksgiving to jumping to Christmas. Either way.. it's coming... 

On this Remembrance/ Veterans Day however let us all remember those that have fought for our countries and lost their lives, and those that continue to serve and protect.

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