Five Issues That Will Kill Home Offers

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Are you thinking about selling your home? You shouldn’t underestimate the potential value of a home sale. If you get the right offer, you can make a huge profit on a purchase that you may have paid potentially half for. It can be a rapid way to double your finances, seemingly overnight. But how does a home sale like this happen?

Well, it’s certainly not the reality for everyone with a property on the market. Many people will have to settle for selling their home at a house where they break even or somewhere below their initial asking price. To secure a successful home sale where you actually make money, you need the right level of offers. You need to make sure that people are interested in buying your home. 

Many people think that this is about adding things to their property. For instance, they focus on increasing the curb appeal or perhaps investing in a few unique features for the interior. But, you have to remember that buyers are investing in what’s inside your property. They want the land and want the four walls. Everything else is a bonus or will go with you when you move. That’s why there are some problems that can make a home sale a big old bust. You need to make sure that you are fixing these issues before you put your property on the market. Let’s look at a few of the problems that you do need to focus on. 

Roof Trouble

You probably don’t spend that much time worrying about what’s going on with your roof. It’s certainly not like you spend all day looking up at it. However, we guarantee you that a buyer will immediately turn their attention to the roof. So, what will they see?

Well, they might notice moss growing on the roof. Now you might love this and a lot of people do. It provides the home with something similar to a fairytale cottage aesthetic. However, roofers have another way of viewing it and that’s as a potential disaster that certainly needs fixing. They’re right of course. Moss is actually eating the slate of your home and will eventually cause problems with leaks, letting water into the home. You definitely want to avoid this if you can and you can. This requires you to clean the moss off the roof and potentially replace some of the slates that have already seen some damage. 

You may also have an issue with some missing roof slates. Again, this might not bother you too much, particularly if you haven’t noticed any problems with damp. But don’t for a moment think that a buyer will be happy with this. They’ll view it as a sign that your home has seen better days. At the very least, it will make them think twice about putting down a large offer on your property. 

You should contact a roofer immediately to check the fixes that you can make to your roof which will still fit into your budget. 

Issues With Insects

‘Don’t worry about the ants’ is not a phrase that’s going to fly when you’re showing people around your home. They won’t take your word that they only come into the house once through the year and are easy to deal with. They also won’t accept that this isn’t a major issue. It is a major issue because buyers are always looking for their dream home. If they’re not looking for their dream home, they’re considering investing in a fixer-upper. Unfortunately, you will never get the money you want for a fixer-upper. That’s why you need to avoid the perception that your home is one. Insects are a big concern for buyers. Particularly if it seems there’s an infestation. 

Now, you might be thinking perhaps it’s okay because something like a nest is easy to deal with. You just need a pro. While this is true and you can find things like hornet nest removal tips easily online, buyers will expect you to do this long before you sell. Otherwise, they will certainly take it out on what they are willing to offer you for the home. 


Anything that can be considered dangerous or even slightly unsafe in your home must be fixed. Don’t forget, your main target buyer is probably going to be a young couple who are looking to start a family. They don’t want to have to deal with any issues with safety as soon as they move in. This could be anything from a loose floorboard to something more dramatic like for instance issues with wiring. It’s something that you need to iron out immediately as soon as you start to think about selling. You should not include this in the terms and conditions of the sale that you’ll fix things before you leave. 

A Cluttered Attic

Is your attic or basement filled with junk and rubbish? Are you something of a hoarder? Well, you need to make sure that you’re cleaning out this space before you sell. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you want to show off space. It’s difficult to do this when there’s not even a square foot of space free from them to explore. The other fact is that they may not trust you to clear it out before you leave. 

This is a big problem where owners just leave the rubbish behind because they can’t be bothered visiting the landfill or getting it cleared out by a professional company. It can be enough to turn off a potential buyer completely and ensure that they leave your home well alone. 

Unkempt Garden

Finally, first impressions are everything when you are selling your home. You only get one chance to dazzle a buyer. That’s why you should be focusing on your garden. Keep the grass short as this will make the area look significantly larger and do consider how to improve the landscaping. If you do this, you can send the right impression that your home is well maintained and properly cared for. 

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