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Thursday, August 22, 2019

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The USA is one of the most varied countries in the world. From the bright lights and skyscrapers of New York to the steep depths of the Grand Canyon, the cold climes of Alaska to the heat of the desert in Arizona, the USA has everything you could ever want plus one more thing: an infrastructure that begs for road-tripping tourists. 

The Great USA Road trip can lead you from coast to coast, north to south or any route you so choose. While Route 66 is best known, the reality is that you probably know exactly what you want to see and will switch between routes as you see fit. 

So what do you need to make the Great USA Road trip for yourself?


Curiosity is an essential for every traveler. You probably wouldn’t step outside your front door without it, let alone board a plane or get behind the wheel of a car! The best way to feed your curiosity is to pursue it. 

While you should definitely think about where you want to go and what you want to see before you set off, you should also give yourself a chance to deviate a little. If maps aren’t your thing, having travel wi-fi will certainly ease your ability to navigate. Plus, the more you explore online, the more inspired you will be to travel and see different things. Visit for more information. 


It takes around 50 hours to get from Seattle to Miami and around 46 hours to get from New York to San Francisco. But you might like to include time to rest, explore and discover new places along the way! Planning the perfect road trip is all about working out your travel time, where you would like to stay and adding enough flexibility to ensure you can follow your heart too. 

The more time you can dedicate to your travels, the easier it will be to pursue whims as they appear. You might be able to fit in a short trip over a week but if you really want to let loose, you could easily spend an entire month on the road and have an amazing time. 


If you begin your travels in the right spirit, you will discover everything you needed to find. Travel isn’t about staying in luxury hotels or spending a fortune, you can even do New York on a shoestring budget. Instead, travel is about opening your mind and waiting for new ideas to enter your head. 

Every time you go somewhere new, try to see it for what it is and not what you might have expected from a brochure or a blog post. Allow yourself the honesty to see beauty everywhere and trust your instincts as you explore further. 

The Great USA Road Trip is all about discovery. Imagine the first tourists going from Illinois down to California to see the West Coast for the first time and channel their excitement. Exploration and discovery is embedded into American culture; anyone can live the dream. 

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  1. Inspiring post! Makes me want to hit the road too. :)


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