The Importance of Adding a Splash of Color – Why Colored Envelopes Work for Businesses

Monday, August 5, 2019

            These days, there is intense competition between businesses to be able to grab a person’s attention. Of course, it’s not feasible to run ads on various platforms on a continuous basis, and it becomes incredibly annoying for consumers to get recurring push notifications or emails from businesses wanting to get their attention. So, how can a business stand out from their competition without being too overwhelming or obnoxious to their target customers? By using colored envelopes for marketing mails!

What are the Impacts of Colored Envelopes?

            There are two main ways that using colored envelopes can increase both the visibility of a business and the awareness of the clients towards that particular brand. First, having envelopes with striking colors helps you stand out from your competition simply because it draws the person’s eye towards your envelope. If you receive a stack of envelopes where most are a plain and boring white, but one is in red, yellow, or blue, wouldn’t you instinctively look at that envelope first because it really piques your curiosity?
The second way that using colored envelopes can help a business push their main message forward in a more efficient manner. Think of the way a highlighter works; when you highlight a certain passage in a book, your eyes automatically land toward that passage next time you open that page, and you digest that information first. Once you have your customer’s attention, you can immediately put forward the most important part of your message, such as the benefits that a customer can enjoy or a specific call to action. However, when it comes to using this aspect of colored envelopes, less is definitely more; make sure to use it sparingly otherwise the message just becomes muddled or lost.

Are the Colors Really Important?

            Have you ever wondered why companies use certain colors in their logos? Well, studies have shown that colors actually do affect people’s behavior when it comes to how they perceive and receive brand messages, so using a certain color for your company envelopes will send a subliminal message to people.   
            Here are some of the most commonly used colors in marketing, and how they can affect the way your colored envelopes can affect your customers:

·        Red
Red creates a sense of urgency and physically stimulates the body, causing an increase in heart rate and respiration. It is also associated with passion and excitement. This is why many food and beverage brands use red because it also encourages appetite. Large food and beverage companies such as Pizza Hut, KFC, and Coca-Cola have red predominantly featured in their logos.

·        Green
For companies that are associated with nature, power, and the environment, green is used because it denotes peace, tranquility, and good health. Think of companies such as Animal Planet, BP, and Whole Foods; their logos are green and eye-catching.

·        Blue
Blue is associated with calmness, strength, reliability, and trustworthiness. It can give people a sense of wellbeing towards your brand and make them more receptive to your brand’s message. This is the reason why many tech and software companies, especially those that handle sensitive personal information, use blue logos. Facebook and Twitter come immediately to mind.

·        Yellow
Yellow is used when companies want to create a sense of warmth and optimism in their customers. Doesn’t the yellow logo of Denny’s, Subway, or McDonalds make you want to come in and grab a bite of comfort food to boost your mood? You can also use yellow to denote speed, movement, and mobility. This is why yellow is predominant in the company logos of UPS, DHL, and Ferrari.

·        Purple
Purple can bring across several messages, such as wisdom and creativity, luxury and wealth, or beauty and agelessness. This is why you can find purple logos in a wide range of different brands, such as technology companies (Yahoo and Viber), food and beverages (Cadbury, Taco Bell, and Welch’s), and even beauty brands (Urban Decay and COTY).
·        Gray
Gray offers a sense of neutrality, balance, and practicality, which is why you often see it as the color of choice for car and technology companies. It is also a good choice for information sources such as news media outlets. Popular gray logos that come to mind are Honda, Apple, and Wikipedia.
·        Orange
Orange has a similar effect to a consumer’s psychology as yellow, however, it seems to learn more towards a sense of cheerfulness and confidence felt by a consumer. Famous orange logos that come to mind are Nickelodeon, Amazon, Fanta, and Harley-Davidson.

            Choosing the right kind of colored envelopes for your business is not a simple, one-off task. It might take some trial-and-error before you find the color that will really resonate with your target audience and bring your desired message to the forefront.

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