How to Create a Child Friendly Garden - That You will Love Too

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

We all love to spend time in our backyards - don’t we?  Long, lazy afternoons on the sun lounger with a cool drink, perhaps...perfect!

But when the kids come along, and we spruce up the garden - our ideas can be a bit more practical than creative.  We want the space to be safe - and somewhere they can have fun, of course.  But your backyard should still be beautiful - and you should enjoy it - too.

How to make your garden safe - and beautiful

First off, you need to make the area safe - as we said - so let’s take a look at how you can do that effectively.

One of the most important things to think about, with young toddlers, is containing your garden securely.  Especially to prevent them escaping to the road. But you don’t need to choose an ugly wire fence - a low hedge woven with hazel hurdles or dense shrubs will work perfectly.  And look beautiful. 

Provide a soft landing

Creating a soft landing space is also important - so consider replacing gravel with lawn or bark chips, perhaps.  Just watch the size of chips with very small toddlers. You could also seed your lawn with a few safe herbs or moss, to make them extra soft underfoot.  And create extra interest.

If you have raised decks, you don’t have to abandon them - just add banisters. But make sure any ponds you have are covered - or fill them in.  

As they get a bit older, start thinking about ways to encourage children to plant their own flowers and vegetables. And make the garden an educational, as well as a fun place to be.  Pick plants that are easy to grow, like sunflowers - and also add great impact. Then watch their delight as they spring into life.

Make it eco friendly

Wildflowers are beautiful, easy to grow and very on trend - so this is another great idea to consider.  And it only takes a few cheap boxes of seed to create something really special. You’ll reap the rewards in the increase in wildlife.  And you can teach your children about the importance of pollinators to the ecosystem - or sustainability. Maybe you could even introduce a few bird feeders too?

Introduce water as they get older

As the kids get older, they will be able to safely enjoy a proper water feature, or even a swimming pool - if you have the space and budget. Installing privacy screens is a great idea because they protect them from insects and harmful UV rays.  As well as keeping their pooltime fun safer and more private.

Include an adult area 

Remember not to give over your entire garden to the children. It's worth creating a space that's really adult-friendly, too. Maybe screen it off to stop balls flying in - and give you some privacy.  But remember teenagers will love to spend time in a quieter area as well. So, like everything we’ve described here - it provides something for everyone.

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