Trick or Treat- Sweets and Salties For Making It A Yummy Halloween

Friday, October 25, 2019

Halloween- it will be here again before we know it!
We all know that Halloween candy is one of the best parts of the holiday.. and who hasn't dipped into their kid's Halloween candy? LOL
For most of us, it wouldn't be Halloween without trick-or-treating for candy; however, that wasn't always the case. When the custom of trick-or-treating started in the 1930s and early 1940s, children were given everything from homemade cookies and pieces of cake to fruit, nuts, coins and toys.
I myself remember fruit in my bag and homemade popcorn balls. How about you?
This year we are rounding up brands for inclusion for those Halloween trick or treat bags or those treats that are salty and sweet for adults too! Enjoy! And Happy Halloween from the following business:


C.Krueger has spooky, delicious and sweet treats- ready to eat!
Spooktacular Halloween Gifts - Free Shipping! 

Justin’s -

Justin’s Cashew Nut Butter Cups and Cashew Butter Covered Cashews are the perfect better-for-you Halloween candy that’ll satisfy sweet and savory needs. Justin’s Cashew Butter Cups have a cashew butter center covered in smooth dark chocolate and Cashew Butter Covered Cashews are both creamy and crunchy. These delicious treats are made from organic, gluten free ingredients. Justin’s will satisfy your sweet-tooth both on Halloween night and all year long!

Treat House-

Twelve Spooky and Delicious Rice Krispie Treat Donuts are individually wrapped and presented in our elegant blue Treat House gift box.  Flavors include Jack’O Lantern, Candy Corn, Pumpkin Pie, & Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts.  Makes a delicious and unique Halloween gift.

*Gluten Free*

Annabelle Candy Company -

All candy is made (with love and care) in their  family-owned factory in Hayward, California.

Annabelle Candy Company was started on the San Francisco Peninsula in 1950 by founder Sam Altshuler. He named the company after his daughter Annabelle. In 1965, Annabelle Candy Company moved across the San Francisco Bay to its present location in Hayward, CA. Annabelle Candy Company continues to be one of the largest independently owned and family operated candy bar manufacturers in the United States, producing some of the most popular and traditional West Coast items available on the market today.

ABBA ZABA (Instagram: @abba.zaba.taffy)
Abba-Zaba is a chewy taffy bar with a creamy peanut butter center. It’s an American classic with iconic packaging and will be a great “score” for any Trick or Treater (or his/her parent(s)). You can also pucker up and enjoy the sour-goodness of the Abba Zaba sours which come in Wild Strawberry and Blue Wild Berry flavors.

BIG HUNK (also comes in chocolate covered Big Hunk)
Big Hunk® is a chewy, honey-sweetened nougat bar with whole roasted peanuts. It’s a “big bar”, but it’s also low fat which means it’s a great way to avoid picking up those scary extra pounds during the Halloween season.

ROCKY ROAD (flavors: original, mint, sea salt, s’mores)
Rocky Road® Handmade marshmallow, coated with milk chocolate sprinkled with roasted cashew nuts. A fun trick for the Rocky Road bar is to place it between two graham crackers and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and “taaaa daaaa!” you’ve got homemade s’mores… melty chocolate and gooey marshmallows on crunchy graham crackers without having to buy tons of ingredients or dealing with the cumbersome campfire situation.

LOOK!® is a chewy nougat bar with whole roasted peanuts coated in chocolate. It has a hearty molasses flavor that sets it aside from other candy bars.


U-NO® is a smooth rich milk chocolate bar with a truffle-like center covered in milk chocolate and ground almonds.

PopCorners are the delicious, wholesome snack that makes it easier than ever to snack better. Drizzled in sunflower oil with a pinch of sea salt, our chips are made with non-GMO corn and never fried. No gluten, no nuts. Just simple ingredients for great tasting flavor! Looking to Do One Better and hand out something different than candy this year for Halloween? Try our 1oz single serve which are a perfect size for kids to enjoy! 

McSweeney's- Premium Canadian Jerky-

Proudly Canadian, their beef, pork and turkey snacks are a great treat for those who love meat snacks.
They use the highest quality meats and flavours to produce the best tasting, ultra premium jerky and meat snacks.
Their jerky is also gluten free, high in protein and naturally smoked.Yum!

**Watch this spot for more Halloween treat ideas...coming soon


  1. oh this jerky sounds so good! I am sure we would love it!

  2. I remember getting pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with icing from my great aunt. They were really great.

  3. The jerky sounds awesome!

  4. I have tried the PopCorners and they are really good. Would love to try the beef jerky.

  5. My son loves beef jerky .We all do. Never heard of Canadian brands tho. thanks


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