Why You Need a Live Band at Your Wedding

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

When you are planning your wedding, you have a million balls in the air all at once. You typically have to start by planning your date, then picking the venue, followed by food and drinks. 
While some people try to go at it themselves with their Mac and Apple Music playlist, most people opt to go for a traditional DJ. But some of the best receptions feature live bands. Live bands, like these Rat Pack tribute bands for weddings, can ignite your reception, taking it to a whole new level.
Elevate the Reception
There is a different emotion you feel when you hear a recorded track versus a live one. If you have the budget and space, a live band will differentiate your reception from all of the other ones people have been to that opted for traditional DJs. While DJs are artists themselves and much less expensive, there is an electric vibe to having performers live at your event. It also just feels more substantial and formal for the most special occasion of your life.
You can interview and check out many different types of bands before you settle on the one that is best for you. Each group has a different style, although many of them offer a wide variety of music available so they can satisfy nearly any crowd. 
You can go for a themed cover band or even by genres such as the '80s or '90s. The most important thing you can do is after you have selected your band to schedule a meeting with them. During this meeting, make sure you have prepared a list of must-play songs and also songs that you don't want to hear. During this meeting, you can also go over expectations of what they need to announce and times and scheduling of events.

Fun Factor
Live bands are fun. Your guests will enjoy interacting with talent. Most groups will take special requests from the guests to keep them engaged and having fun. The band's lead singer will take control of the timing you set for all of the different events that happened during your reception. 
When it is time to introduce you to the crowd for the first time, your band will be ready. They will also be available to alert people when to be seated for dinner when your first dance will take place, cutting the cake and even throwing the bouquet. And don't think just because it's a live band they won't do any of the fun dances that are practically required at a reception. Not only will they play them, but they also can help lead them.

When you begin planning your reception, you envision a party where everyone has the time of their lives and talk about your reception for years to come. Most people won't remember the food or drinks, but they will remember the entertainment. You cannot have an excellent reception without making sure you have great music and entertainment.

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