How To Boost Your Chances Of Getting A Pay Rise

Friday, October 25, 2019

Working hard is something we wanted to be rewarded for. When it comes to your job, there are many things that you can do to impress your employer. With life ticking by, there may be a pressure to improve your finances, and that might come in the form of a pay rise. Here are some tips to boost your chances of getting a pay rise.

Do Your Research On Pay Of Similar Roles
When it comes to your current role, there’s plenty of people out there who probably have the same titles as you but in different companies. Of course, their annual salary may be different from yours in terms of their experience, the size and financial profit of the company they work for, or what they’ve done to get to that position. However, if you’re someone who is looking for a pay rise, then it’s worth looking at what your paid and find out what others are being paid for those who do the same job. This can make it easier to help argue your point if your boss turns around and asks you for reasons why. 

Any business should be looking at offering pay rises for those staff members who deserve it, and if you feel like you do, then you should be matching those who are earning more. It also gives you a bit of a bargaining chip when you mention other companies because it tells your employer that you are looking at other companies. Whether you decide to change companies is up to you, but they will likely want to offer a pay rise in order to stop you leaving.

Offer To Take On More Work
It’s important to show your commitment to the company and to show willingness in the role. For that reason, it might be worth sitting down with your boss and offering your services if they seem like they’re needed. With pay rises it’s all about timing, and if you see your department struggling or you think that there’s more that you can handle in terms of the workload, then it’s certainly worth fighting your corner to take on more work. For them, it means they don’t need to think about full cycle recruiting or having to outsource any tasks if they can get it all done in-house by someone who already works for the company. It might not always be possible to take on the extra work but lend a helping hand when you can and ensure your manager is aware of that work you do above and beyond your current role. It won’t go unnoticed, and if it get forgotten about, it’s something you can easily refer back to.

Use Your Annual Review As An Opportunity
Your annual review is something that most businesses will give their employees in order to give them the opportunity to discuss with their line manager about anything they’ve got issues with and to review the work they’ve done over the year and to set goals for the following year. This is, in fact, a great time to state your case about potentially getting a pay rise. You have your manager alone in the room with you, and it can be a good opportunity to talk through what you’ve done for the company so far and the reasons as to why you deserve a pay rise. A lot of the time, a pay rise is warranted when there are enough reasonable reasons and evidence that you’ve helped in the growth of the business. It’s best to ask, even if you feel like it might not be something that’s possible. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Keep Track Of What You Do And Achieve
If the annual review doesn’t come to anything, then continue to keep track of what you’re doing for the company. If not for you trying to give a reason for a pay rise but to show you how much you’re doing. If the business hasn’t given you a pay rise in a while, yet everything you do for the company is increasing, it’s probably a good time to stop and ask why. There might not be enough financial opportunities to do so, but if you see huge growths in the business and no pay rises, it’s good to ask and express your thoughts on leaving if it doesn’t happen.

Boosting your chances of getting a pay rise is something you deserve to do and to give yourself a chance you deserve. Fight for what you deserve!

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