On The Road Again- Our October Expenses 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019

We left home almost 3 weeks ago.. keeping track of some bigger expenses once again, like RV gas, propane, groceries and the like.
We have found already that compared to last years expenses during the same month we were very comparable with everything...(see past posts under rv living). We also found that groceries back home- up north/Canada- were twice as expensive as here in the USA!
Since part of the trip was in Canada before we hit the border- 400 miles north, our expenses while driving through Canada and before we left were as follows:

Propane- $157.39
Gas for RV-$561
Take out-$40.43

Our expenses while in the USA and until we reached Arizona were as follows and for the balance of the month while here:

Gas for RV- $865
Water and dumps- $20 ( nice to look for spots that allow free dumps/water fills as do as much as possible)
Laundry- $10
Propane- $18.80
Take out- $56.03
SUV Gas- $40.00
Food- $315.87

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